help me decide please?

when i first saw this bag i thought it was totally cute.
now i'm having second thoughts about sister isn't into the dots either.
what do you guys think before i buy it?
(marc by marc jacobs metallic dot suede bag)


thanx! :heart:
Honestly, when i first viewed it I thought this was a joke. I am being truthfull not to be nasty but to save you the from a mistake. That's just my opinion though.
In my honest opinion, for that amount of money, I think it'd be better to buy something else that you could use more often, that us, a more classic style. But if you really love dots, then maybe you could buy a cheaper brand with a similar style, since you're thinking twice about it. Hope this helps! :biggrin:
I don't know - it looks like a fun bag to take out once in a while but not for a primary bag. then your friends are gonna say things like "here comes ol' polka dots!" I have a couple of vinyl bowling bags that I love but they come out on rainy days (and Mondays) ;)

wait - I just realized you said this was suede?