Help me decide, please

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  1. I really like these two bags. Can ya'll help me decide? Which one do you like best?
    1a.jpg 450156021B_2.jpg
  2. i like #2
  3. I would go with the first one.
  4. The one on the right--but that's because I have it and love it. The one on the left to me looks like it lost its embellishment.
  5. Ronda....
    What are you doing outside balenciaga forum? :p
  6. :love:Oops, caught cheating on my first love. How embarrassing.

    Oh, wait, what are you doing over here?:wtf:
  7. Okay girl.... it will be our little secret.... :graucho:
    Btw, I like #2 better.....
  8. #1 = more practical. A great everyday bag
    #2 = more fun. Great for going out
  9. ^^That's pretty much what I was thinking.
  10. Agree with Mich- but I am drawn to #1 a bit more :yes:
  11. Thanks, everyone. I may end up with both if I'm not careful!
  12. I bought bag #1, but I'm bidding on an evening bag version of #2! Thanks, everyone.:heart: :heart: