Help me decide please!!!

  1. Hi Forum :smile:,

    I am kinda new to Balenciaga and would appreciate your opinions since the closet shop I can go to try on a Bal. bag is 5 hours drive away.
    I already have a Sahara RH City 2011 bag and now wanting to own a Chevre leather bag in dark color, but different style. I am petite and so don't think anything bigger than a City would work. I've done some reading and now I can't decide if I should go for a Town, a First, or a Twiggy. Can you please share your experience on these styles and what dark color would you pick? TIA
  2. We all have our favourites, out of the three that you picked, I love the Twiggy. I adore the shape, the lightness and the feel of it. It's not much smaller then the city just less depth. You can fit everything in there and in the chevre is really tactile and squashy. I have it in Chocolate and Marron. Have a look at chocolate, marron, black cherry and the black IMO. Now, there will be more people waving the flag for Town and Firsts along shortly. :biggrin:
  3. After another day, I am now leaning more toward the Twiggy & the Town and eliminated the First :smile:. I've looked at the colors you suggested and yes, they are very pretty. Thank you for letting me know. I wish I could hear from more people on how they don't like any of the style :biggrin:
  4. I love all the styles; for me the only possibility is the Twiggy as I carry too much stuff for the others. I like the Twiggy, but don't currently have one; I lean toward Cities and Part Times. Of the three, the Twiggy is the roomiest, IMO. If you're petite (which I'm not), or don't carry a lot (which I do), any of the three will be wonderful! :biggrin:Do you have one that grabs your eye/heart? That's the one you should get!
  5. A dark Twiggy would be fantastic to add to your collection. Twiggy bags can hold so much and are nice size change from the ever popular City.
  6. Also, Twiggy made in 2004 had longer handles that fit over the shoulder on most girls, so keep that in mind.
  7. If it is only down to a Town, First or Twiggy, I will choose the Twiggy. Have you thought about a Pompon? :smile:
  8. There is no Chèvre Town. The town only came much later, in 2010 I think.
    Only First and Twiggy.
    So you don't want a First so get the Chèvre twiggy.
  9. Shelzbags, I am petite and tend to carry more than the essentials (sometime, I'd put my DSLR camera in my bag too). They all grab my eyes...hehehe, but I couldn't get them all :biggrin: since I am saving for a classic Chanel also :nogood:
  10. I am strongly leaning toward a dark Twiggy. Thanks
  11. Lakotan, thanks for a great insight. Do you know how long the handles are? Would it be OK for my petite frame (I'm only 5'2") :smile:
  12. Hi, I have not heard/seen a Pompon. What is it about the Pompon that you like?
  13. Ah, I didn't know this. Thanks!!! Which one do you like better, First or Twiggy?
  14. Depends...on you really.
    If you are the type to carry a lot of atuff in yourbag then the twiggy is for you but I really like the edgy style of the First but only nice to carry when only you're not the type who carries a lot of stuff or for going out on short errands or for lunch and dinner outings.
    It doesn't hold much but it's so darn cute.
  15. Now that the Town is no longer an option since it doesn't come in chevre leather. I am putting the First back on my list! :biggrin: Originally, I was going for the First because it is so cute and smaller than but similar to the City. Then, I saw the Twiggy with its roomy and interesting shape.....Ahhhh, I need to make up my mind. What are some of the dark color First you would recommend? Thanks for your input.