help me decide please!

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  1. I am debating what to return my lurex framed wristlet for- do I want to get a lurex small wristlet, even though I just got the tabacco embossed one? But could use one for dog walking and one for my camera, exchange the framed wristlet for a satin framed one in grey, or keep the framed wristlet? Or should I get two out of three or what? I can't decide!
  2. Currently I have four wristlets, teh small embossed one and flap embossed one both with tags, the framed striped wristlet, and the framed black lurex. Should I get the framed wristlet for evenings, or just hold out until I can afford one I want like a VBH clutch or something like that?
  3. I think the framed wristlets would be great for evenings. But, if you don't think it is what you really want, wait to see if something comes around that you do.
  4. Okay so say I want a framed wristlet, satin or lurex?
  5. I like the lurex better, I have two wristlets in lurex for evening, but the satin does look really classic. I think the lurex is a bit more fun though.
  6. should I bag the lurex wristlet because I have the embossed one, or should I snatch it up while I still can? OYY why is this so hard lol!
  7. i love the lurex
  8. I like the Lurex also
  9. okay I'll nix the satin, because I could always get some other satin one, and you can only get lurex from coach..