Help me Decide, PLEASE!!

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  1. I'm buying a large Chanel 3 today, but am VERY torn between the beige lambskin or black lambskin. I will be using it as my everyday purse.

    I already own a black caviar Jumbo. I am nervous to get the beige lambskin since I was advised by my SA that beige gets dirty quick, especially with everyday use.

    What do I do? I love both in lambskin :nuts:
  2. beige, I saw it IRL and loved it!
  3. Even though its a beautiful color I would not use beige as everyday. Black, brown, yes.
  4. The beige is beautiful but as an everyday bag I would go with black.
  5. black!!!!!
  6. no beige for everyday!
  7. Black!!
  8. Like I said in the other thread you started, not beige if its an everyday bag, get black.
  9. black for everyday
  10. black!
    you can never have too many black bags!
    and pls post pics when you can!!!!
  11. Thank you so much for your input . . . I am posting my very First reveal on TPF RIGHT NOW!!!

    You'll see which color I opted for :smile:
  12. black for every day use!
  13. lol woops a little too late. Just saw your reveal! ahaha