Help me decide please

Gunmetal Alexandra or Brooke Op Art

  • Gunmetal Alexandra Style: 15273

  • Glided Op Art Brooke in light Gray Style: 15002

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Jan 29, 2009
Okay here is my story....first I went to Coach yesterday and bought the Bone Croc embossed Maggie and I carried her all day yesterday and she was just too heavy and the shoulder strap would not stay on my shoulder so sadly I took her back to Coach to return and I got the glided op art Brooke style no 15002 in Silver/Gray. This bag is gorgeous don't get me wrong but I can't get the Gunmetal Alexandra out of my mind that I tried on also. The leather is to die for. Which bag should I choose?? Should I keep my Brooke or trade her for the Alexandra??


Mmmm Coach *nom nom*
Jan 29, 2009
I love love love both bags, but I would go with the Alexandra just because that bag has the crossbody option as well as the option to wear on the shoulder or as a satchel. I love versatile bags like that.