Help Me Decide... Please!!

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  1. Hi All -

    I am clearly obsessive compulsive but I need an opinion (or many!) My DBF bought me a Perfo Speedy in green for my birthday which I love. And I was shocked that he bought it!! :yahoo: I wasn't sure about it (and am not sure I can see myself carrying it) so I got the fuschia as well so I could decide.

    Now, I just can't decide whether to keep it. Or which one if I do. :confused1:

    I like the bag, love the quirkiness but I know this isn't an everyday bag for me... and it may be a few times a year bag. If I decide to return it, I am thinking about the Moka Onatah Pochette, Framboise Houston or the Hudson GM. I am kind of conservative.

    What do you think? Is it rude to return a gift? Am I jinxing myself where he will never buy me another LV? Will I regret giving up the Perfo Speedy -- I may not be able to get it again? Part of me wants to show him how much I like the bag I get by using it often. The other part of me wants to keep the bag he got me - the Perfo GREEN Speedy.

    What do you think? I have the CP, Speedy, Denim GM Baggy and that is it!

    (Sorry this is so long - clearly, I am obsessing!)

    Thanks so much for your opinions! I really appreciate it!
  2. What a great friend you have!!! I don't think he would be upset if you trade it in for something else, I'm sure he would want you to be happy with it. I would let him know though before you do so you don't just show up with a new bag! :wtf:

    From your choices, I would say either the Hudson or Houston, but just IMO. I think the perfo is cute, but it's just not my style. I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful. Be sure to post pics!!!
  3. My DH would be terribly upset if I returned any LV he purchased for me as he chooses items that he likes and wants me to like too.

    Don't know about your DBF, but I keep all LV DH buys me because I know he loves the design enough to pick it out for me.
  4. i don't like the Perfo line, but i prefer the fuschia Perfo Speedy. but then because i usually feel bad about returning a gift, just for that i'd keep the green Perfo Speedy. besides, it's part of a limited line, so if/when you suddenly regret returning it you may not be able to find it anymore except on eBay.

    and there's no reason you can't use the bag often. fortunately, the green doesn't show a lot, so it looks like the regular Monogram Speedy anyway, and you can use it more regularly than you think :yes:
  5. I think my dh would be kind of sad if he picked out a bag for me and I exchanged it. I know he wouldn't say anything but deep down I think he would be disappointed. For that reason alone, I would keep the green speedy. But in all honestly, I like the green speedy, I think it's a cute bag and you can use it all the time, why not.
  6. When dh buys me something, I keep it because I don't want him to stop shopping for me, ya know? He took his time to pick something special just for me. I want to encourage his shopping because I love surprises and sometimes he totally gets it right. Plus I think the green perfo speedy is super cute. Congrats on a sweet bf.
  7. i say keep the perf green speedy
  8. I understand your doubts, but I bet your BF wants that you use the bag he gave you :yes: Green is the only color I'd get out of the Perfo line, but if you're not 100 % happy w/ it, try to exchange it.
  9. I know my DH would be hurt if I exchanged a bag he bought for me so I'd keep it. But you know your BF, would he mind?
  10. Yep, I would too.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback! I sincerely appreciate it! I think I am overthinking and freaking out too much!!

    I talked to him and he said, 'do whatever makes you happy.' I guess I was concerned because I prefer shoulder bags so I don't imagine using the Perfo Speedy every day. I still am a little torn. And I think that is primarily because I agree with most of you -- returning gifts has a bit of guilt associated with it. But so does not using a gift as much as I think he would appreciate.

    I still don't know what I will do. One minute I think I should keep it, the next I think get something I could use every day. Decisions, decisions...
  12. my opinion-- when buying someone a gift that is as costly as a lv bag, i am sure that he would totally understand you exchanging it. he wants for you to use it, right? it's not like he bought you a $30.00 bag! it's not like you're returning it for a piece of're returning it for a different style of bag. the sentiment is still there. exchange it!!! be happy!!!
  13. i say keep the green perfo speedy also.
  14. I would not return it. Its a great bag and you should be happy he put so much thought into buying you something like that. I think it would be slap in his face to tell him you'd rather have something else. Put yourself in his place. He probably spent alot of time stressing over what to get you. Keep it, it will make him feel good. If he wasnt sure you would like it..he would have given you a gift card.
  15. it was my birthday last month and my husband did the same thing! I went through the same thing that you did, except he bought the fushia and said that there were 2 green at the store that I needed to decide which color I wanted. I kept the fushia. I had a hard time deciding if I would carry the bag because it's kind of big for me, and I know that over time it will sag in the middle. I also thought about the Hudson GM, but decided to keep the one that he bought for me. I've used it a few times and I really like it!! Much more than I thought I would. plus it's a limited edition bag, so it's sort of a collectors item....well, at least for purse lovers :smile: Good Luck and Happy Birthday!