Help me Decide.......Please!

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  1. Hi everyone, please help me to decide if i buy the vitello lux small or big sizes? I've quite a lot of stuffs to put in and i'm afraid of the small size is too small and not enough space but i'm only around 5'3 and thin, will the bigger size is very big on me?
    Oh! Although i'm not sure for the sizes but i do have my eye knock on Fumo.Do you all think it's a good color for all season? Thank in advance.:biggrin:
  2. Yes, fumo is a great color for all for the size of the bag, I'd go with the bigger size....the smaller size is too small in my opinion...don't worry about you being 5'3 I don't think the bigger size is that big that it will not look good on you...
  3. I'm 5'3 like you and I recently bought the small vitello lux shopper. It's big enough for my everyday use. If you have more stuff to carry, you should buy the bigger size.
  4. Miu Miu's bags tend to run large so perhaps the smaller is better. Are you able to try one on before committing?
  5. it seems like Fumo is a popular color ?
    wanted to get fumo shopper from EU but was told that it's OOS and will be replenish during end of Sep or something...long wait but good for me to save slowly....

    i would suggest getting the small one as vitello lux large looks really big and not as cute as the small one though
  6. #6 Jul 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2009
    I'm only 1.57M and I love bigger bags especially when I hv lots to stuff. The size of bags depend on your image. I prefer bigger ones cos it makes my look more sporty with my jeans n shorts most of the time. Big bags can be elegant too :smile: GL to your decision :smile:

    Oh and Fumo is an all time classic colour !!