Help me decide, please!

  1. Ok, I'm having a hard time deciding which bag to get! I already have black signature duffel, and 2 large soho hobos, one in black, one in brown.

    I love the Carly style. I'd like to get it in parchment leather, but I'm wondering how it would work into winter. Also, it seems like the Carly is so popular (probably because it is so pretty). Then I think that I already have two leather bags, so maybe I should get another siggy? Plus I already have the two hobos that slouch similarly to the Carly.

    The other bag I would love to get is the Chelsea Large Novelty Hobo in Mineral. It's a different style of hobo then the ones I have, so that's good. It's also pretty huge, isn't it? I'm not sure I want one that big. I lean toward it and then I think about how pretty the Carly is.

    *Sigh*. Any advice?
  2. ...sounds like you want the Carly. GO FOR IT! If you don't, you'll have regrets down the road.... what about the sig with parchment leather trim? Its a winter white, so it would be great year round. here's the sig with parchment trim.....its gorgeous IRL...
  3. I agree on the Sig/White trim Carly. Seriously you won't regret it. I mean look at it! *drool*
  4. I love the white trim. If you're worried about the wonter thing consider the one in saddle/khaki.
  5. The parchment colour is definatly (sp?) a winter white. I'm dying for the large Chelsea hobo in parchment.

    It would be a tough call. I have a Carly and love it, but I don't have a Chelsea. Have you tried them both on? Maybe that could help you decide.

    If it were me, I would get the Chelsea. It's pretty in the mineral.
  6. ummmm......I've been very faithful to the Legacy line but I think I'm slowly becoming a Carly fan. I'm always suggesting it to other people and posting pics of it. LOL...This one in parchment is just stunning....:girlsigh:
  7. Def a pretty bag - I think you could use it all year round
  8. Oh definitely the Carly!!!! It's such a gorgeous bag!!!! And w/ the white leather can definitely use it in the winter. That is a winter's not a very bright white, so you'd be okay!!! Let us know what you choose and post pics when you get it!
  9. Sig/White trim Carly is a great idea! Year round, gorgeous, and you would satisfy your carly craving without looking like everyone else!
  10. I also am a huge fan of the Carly... I haven't seen the parchment irl, but it looks beautiful! If not that, go for the khaki/saddle.. it is beautiful and definately year round.. and goes with anything! Good Luck!!! Let us know what you decide. :tup:
  11. Go for the Carly:tup:
  12. I have the Chelsea mineral hobo and when I bought it there was indecision between that and a Carly so I can relate, lol! I went with the Chelsea because I figured I could get a Carly later on but that's just me. I really like the Carly's too-if you do get a Carly, I say go for signature with parchment trim. It's so pretty and I think you can wear that into winter since it isn't an all white bag (and who follows those rules anyway?!)

    As for the Chelsea~it does hold a lot but I wouldn't say it's a HUGE bag. Certainly not bigger than a large Carly, maybe even a little smaller though I can't say for sure since I don't own the Carly. I love my Chelsea, I'm not helping here am I? :p
  13. In person, the khaki/angora(parchment) Carly is beautiful!
  14. Another vote for the Carly.
  15. Three words---khaki/angora Carly!! I love mine...I just wish I had got it in the large, but I don't remember if it was available then (I backordered mine in February...I think they were originally supposed to have been available in April but never made it to the stores/site).