Help me decide PLEASE!

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  1. Ladies,
    I am in a predicament. I just managed to convince my aunt to sell me her Black Python bag (from A/W06 collection). I got the bag on Thursday.

    Yesterday I walked into Chanel and saw the new A/W07 2.55 re-issue (I think) with a 3rd pearl chain and the oh-so-adorable vanity mirror. The bag is in black vintage lambskin with vintage gold chain and clasp. The pearls have the camelia clasps on both ends and are detachable so can be used as a necklace. Without thinking, I just bought it.

    Now i'm having massive stabs of guilt because I just bought the python which is also in black and I bought a black jumbo caviar a couple of months back.

    Should i return the handbag? Please help me decide.
  2. Really up to you. I've got 3 black chanel bags, but i not fussed about colour, as long as they look different. Black is an easy colour to take care of.
    Personally, i love the pearl reissue except for the price. Bonus you can use the pearls as a necklace.
  3. Both are eye catching but Python is harder to maintain. I vote for pearl reissue.
  4. I have 2 black reissues, 1 black baby cabas and 1 black make up tote, it doesn't bother me as I like black, and I might get a black Jumbo too.

    If money is not an issue, you might want to keep all as I think they are quite different.... the decision is yours

    Hmmm...sorry, I am not helping here...
  5. ITA with that. All of my Chanels are black too. If you could keep them, just keep them all...
  6. lol...most of my Chanels are black too (6 of them), but they are different styles/finishes (ie. patent, lambskin, deerskin). if you really feel guilty, i'd return it, but if you love the bag and plan to use it, then keep it. if you're only going to buy the bag to keep it in ur closet or on display for $3200+, i'd return it.
  7. Yeah...Chanel just looks so good in black huh....
  8. I love there Pearls!!! And I don't think you should feel bad at all! Those are going to be real hard to come by bags in the future. You should really happy you managed to get your hands on them. Whatever you decide to do .... try to keep the pearls!
  9. I have a feeling if you let one go you will be sorry later :nogood:
    If you can just keep them and try not to spend so much for awhile, hehe
  10. if you can, keep all of them. they're all black, yes, but different. and i agree with allbrandspls--you can wear the pearls as a necklace!
  11. Thanks so much for your feedbacks...the more i look at it, the more i fall in love with it. I think I'll keep it. And as you said Cherly, not buy anymore for a while....sigh.