Help me decide please.....

  1. Ok, I really like want all these bags, but I can only afford one. Help me pick one between:
    1. new modern chain n/s tote in black,
    2. sharpey tote in black, or
    3. new expandable n/s tote in black.

    This would be an everyday bag.

    Thanks so much in advance!:heart:
  2. Forgot to mention that I also have this Prada tote, too similiar to the Modern Chain?
  3. I don't have any of these so I can really not advise - but good luck on making your decision!!!:tup:
  4. Hi. :smile: Of your three choices, I would definitely get the MC N/S tote! I absolutely love it, and am getting it myself haha. :p I know some people have mentioned that the leather isn't as roughly textured, and that they prefer the "old" leather etc., but the glazed calfskin is gorgeous IMO! :heart: It may not be as rough, distressed or "bikery" looking, but it definitely isn't shiny at all, and still has a modern, edgy look... plus, the shinier silver chains this time around look great! I think it would make a great everyday tote too. :smile: I think in general totes can look similar shape wise (your Prada is similar to the MC tote), but they are still different enough style wise to have both. I'm not really a fan of the Sharpey tote, and it costs even more than the MC N/S... the expandable N/S in black would be my second choice if you decide that your Prada tote is too similar to the MC N/S. Good luck deciding! :tup:
  5. I think I like the Sharpey best. . . but it's VERY tight race! LOL!
  6. I also say sharpey!!
  7. im going to vote for the MC or the expandable. Post pics when you decide :smile:
  8. thanks ladies!! Anyone else?
  9. I say MC. I too have that same Prada bag but I think the MC tote is different enough to own both.:tup:
  10. wellll....I have 2 of those....and i have to say the SHARPEY and the Expandable are my 2 fave bags right now.U cant go wrong with either,I think the SHARPEY is NICER overall ...however it is alot more expensive.....
  11. I would go for black expandable...
  12. I would say modern chain. If you're feeling like it's too similar to your Prada chain (which is gorgeous), then I suggest the expandable.
  13. Then go for expandable..
  14. Expandable
  15. You mentioned it is for everyday, and I find flaps are too cumbersome for everyday use. Getting in and out can be a real pain. Totes are great go-to bags! And I adore the Modern Chain!