Help me decide please!

  1. i cannot decide.... i am new to balenciaga and saw it in real life today at Neimans. the first looks small, but the city looks too big for my taste. i did not really spend that much time at Neimans to investigate the size difference because the sa started getting pushy.

    how much more can you fit in the city?
    also have been staring at various pic on the photo thread, but still cannot decide.

    thanks a lot girls
  2. i'd say you could fit 2-3x the amount of stuff in the city as the first :yes:...i think the city, purse or twiggy is the perfect in-between size :girlsigh:
  3. melove, there is a huge difference in size between the first and city. you can definitely fit a whole lot more in the city... in fact, you could probably fit 3 firsts inside of a city. if you are using the bag as an everyday bag, i would say get the city... you'll appreciate the extra room. however, if you are only using it to go out and aren't really a big bag person, go for the first. of the two, i actually prefer the look of the first. good luck in your decision.
  4. I echo was esile has said... I love the size of the first since it's very cute, but it's really best for shopping and going out. It holds a wallet, cell, keys and makeup comfortably.

    The city is much more functional - that is why I picked that size for my first Bbag - it's large enough to hold papers without creasing, an umbrella, water bottles, plus all the stuff of the first. It's too big for an evening bag IMHO, but a perfect daytime bag. Depends on what you need the bag for!
  5. I like the city more. :smile:
  6. Here is my pics of my black city and my magenta first and what fits in each. Hope this helps:smile:
    DSC03710.JPG DSC03595.JPG DSC03594.JPG DSC03709.JPG
  7. I love the city. However it all depends on how much stuff you have.
  8. ranskimmie, thanks for the pics.
    ladies, thanks for the insight. so after further research, it seems like the city is about the same size as LV speedy 25?
    I barely fill my speedy if i use it.
    what i usually carry is the following: wallet (i have a man size wallet), checkbook, glasses case, gum and keys. do you think they all will fit in a first?
    also, can anyone cofirm if the first is about the same size as MJ sofia?
  9. i fit a lot in my classique. i barely fill my speed 25 too. i love the classique size because it was so easy to carry when i shop and stuff :smile:

    EDIT: in my classique i carried a long wallet, cell, key cles, nano, gum, and sunglass case. and i still had room. ;)
  10. oh, i also carry my cell on top of the other things that i already mentioned.
  11. melove, the first should fit all the things you mentioned...and the cell phone too. however, it's smaller than the sofia in height and depth.
  12. thanks esile... also do you know if the city is comparable in size to LV speedy 25?
  13. melove, the speedy and the city are very different in shape. i think the city would fit more than the speedy 25. only thing is if you plan on putting anything that is kind of thick in shape, it may distort the shape of the city, because it's not that deep (3.5 inches). i have a speedy 30 and i would say the city fits as much that.
  14. I like the 1st better as I am not a big bag it really depends on what you are used to...
  15. hey ya!!!
    i'm a big bag fan... i totally LOVE my city - but not as much as i love my Turq first! :love: i've got a speedy 30 and that can fit loads of stuff in it, but i reckon the CITY - you can get to your stuff much easier than the Speedy... i've attached some pics of what fits in my FIRST (white) - which is totally getting rejected at the moment! :lol: and my CITY (thats also getting rejected too!) :shame:
    i love b-bags... i just cant get enough of them!!! and i hope you can find a size that you like!!!
    inbb.jpg inbb1.jpg inwb.jpg inwb1.jpg