help me decide, please...

  1. hi,

    i'm going to be attending my father-in-law's 60th birthday party on 20th april. it's going to be a quite big celebration and i can't decide what to wear. my mother in law would be wearing a long dress and father in law is going to wear a suit. like all the other men, i suppose:p

    i've attached pictures of me trying on the 3 dresses i've got. i'd greatly appreciate any suggestions:yes: . sorry about the mess in my closet:push: ...need to tidy up. also, for additional info, i've a 3yr old preschooler and a 13mths old toddler.

    thanks in advance, everyone!
    red dress.jpg white long.jpg pink.jpg
  2. i like the white dress, it's beautiful and you look great in it but since you have very young children the first dress might also be an option.
  3. either the first or the second dress. you look fabulous in all three dresses though but the first and second is my fave!
  4. I love your white long dress, you look so nice in it and it looks so festive, totally appropriate for the occcasion.
  5. You look wonderful in all of them ;)
    but I love love the white one :biggrin:
  6. I vote for..WHITE DRESS!!!
  7. thanks so much, girls:yes: !
    seems that the white one gets the most votes, so i'll go with it.
  8. I say the red one .... more convenient with kids plus it just looks so festive!
  9. Anything but the pink. Preferabley the white.
  10. I love the white.
  11. I think the white one is a good choice. All three are pretty though, but the white one looks a little more formal or dressy IMO.
  12. White!
  13. go with the white one
  14. I prefer the first one
  15. thanks for all the replies. the white one was my first choice too. however, i just spoke to my parents and apparently i'm not supposed to wear white+black combination. :sad:

    so, i got another dress today. it's brown...let me know what you think? should i wear this one or the red one? (as the pink doesn't seem to get any votes at all:p )

    thanks again in advance!
    brown dress1.jpg