Help me decide please..which bag should I get

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  1. It's time to get a new bag :smile: but can't decide which one should I get. Please help me choose between

    Galliera PM
    Palermo PM
    Trevi PM

    I also want to get Speedy Ebony but I already have Speedy in Momo and Azur. Should I get another one in Ebony?
  2. Galliera!
  3. Galiera! And yes - you should get one more speedy!
  4. (1) Trevi Pm or (2) the Galliera PM....both are gorgeous bags....Good luck...let us know which one you decide on. :smile:
  5. Trevi PM!
  6. trevi pm
  7. Trevi PM for sure. And then the Palermo PM instead of the damier speedy! That way your collection has more variety.
  8. Galliera :woohoo: Its one of the best bags I own
  9. I'm also between the trevi PM and the galleria! I LVoe the trevi!!! Once I save up enough money, that's the first thing i'm going to purchase. Plus, if you're anything like me, I prefer bags with a top zipper. Good luck on your decision!
  10. Galliera PM!
  11. Palermo Pm so cute
  12. Trevi PM first then Palermo. Not a fan of bags without zippers.
  13. in order of preference (1) trevi (2) galliera (3) palermo
    and yes get the damier ebony, it's gorgeous!
  14. Trevi PM all the way!!!!
  15. trevi pm ftw! love love love this bag!!!!