Help me decide PLEASE! suede or signature?

  1. About 2 weeks ago I got this suede hobo bag at the Outlet store in San Marcos and I absolutely love it! - but I've been dreaming about the new Carly signature bag with chili/red trim.
    I don't want to have 2 bags with the same (or very similar) color. Can you please help me decide?
    Thanks - You girls ROCK!

    Coach Bag1 - Copy.jpg
  2. Personally, I like the Chili Carly because suede is very hard to take care of.

    But, you could always keep both, they are in the same color family but very different!
  3. Hobos are great bag, but Carly is a must!!!
  4. I'm not even a Carly girl but I say CARLY!!! It is beautiful with the red trim and signature fabric is SO much easier to take care. CARLY!!!!:tup:
  5. I think you got a beautiful bag, but suede is really hard to care for.. at least, it is for me--she who is careless at times with three small children circling her like sharks--so I stick with leather or sig.

    I vote for the sig carly with red trim!
  6. I also vote for the Carly.
  7. Yes, suede is really hard to take care of, but it's so pretty and I got such a great deal! BUT the Carly is definitely calling me by name! It's probably the IT bag of the season :supacool:
    How many of you own a Carly? I'm just curious....
  8. I would go for the Carly. I love my black signature carly. It is so much easier to take care of than suede. I have the beaded tote with suede on the sides and the corners and it look's really icky now since I used it A LOT! Go Carly!