Help me decide, please! should I keep my HH nico?

  1. I can't decide if I should keep or return my Nico XX in Chocolate. It's a gorgeous bag, but I just bought a Chloe Tekla shoulder bag in brown. I love having variety in my bags, and I think that they're both large slouchy dark brown bags. I haven't received the Chloe yet, so I don't know for sure. I have until Tuesday to decide on the Nico, and I hope my Chloe gets here before then.

    Here are some stock pictures.

    HH Nico XX:
    And some of the Chloe Tekla:


    What do you think? Are they too similar to keep both? or are they different enough in shape and color that I can justify it?
  2. I have a HH Nico in Plum and I love it.
    Its so soft and supple and it fits so much!

    But I agree - both of your bags are so different - the Nico is more for casual and the Tekla is more business-like in my opinion - but both beautiful none the less
  3. Aside from the color, they're such different bags! The HH is more of a giant purse and the Chloe seems more like a messenger/briefcase type bag. The Nico also seems more casual and the Tekla more professional. I'm sure you can find uses for both!

    Of course, I just got a Nico myself and I lurve it, so I might be a little biased.
  4. I didn't need to read your post to know that the answer should be YES. I love the Nico! I actually love it more than the Chloe, although I haven't seen the Tekia in person.

    They're very diff bags--the Nico is way slouchier, sort of hippie/rocker chic, while the Chloe is, as the above poster said, more business-like.
  5. Keep both!
  6. I think the shades of brown and styles are different enough to keep both.
  7. ITA with all of the above posts: KEEP BOTH!!
  8. Keep them both for sure! I think they look very different from each other. I'm sure your Chloe was expensive, so take the Nico out when you don't want to "worry" about your other bag...if that makes sense.
  9. One's a satchel, one's a shoulderbag. There's no comparison. Keep both, as they both have different functionality.
  10. One's a hobo, one's a satchel...
    personally, I owned the Nico, and the strap drop was very weird on me... it didn't go short enough to be a true hobo.. and it didn't go long enough to be a good crossbody.

    I sold it on eBay.

    But in reality.. the bags still are very different. You seem as if you can't find anything you really love about the Nico... maybe just return it?