Help me decide please RE: coral dress

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Okay so i am really in need of a nice coral dress and am torn between these 3, please help me decide:


    (I realise this is more of a peach shade but i do like it...)


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  2. i like the 3rd one. i think it would be more flattering than the other 2 :smile:
  3. 3rd one but not a fan of belt..
  4. I like the first one best, but to me the second one looks most like you.

    Is it the same leangth as that fitted sweater dress you rocked last week?
  5. I prefer the third one.
  6. i like the 2nd one
  7. Just to get a better idea, i am planning to wear it a little like VH did with her Gypsy 05:

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  8. I like the first
  9. I am not sure on length babe, i think the second will look a little longer on me than the model as she is 5ft 10in and i am 5ft 7in (on a really good day) lol! :biggrin:
  10. Agreed
  11. I like the first one.
  12. I like the 3rd one with a different belt
  13. I vote for the first one. I prefer the brighter color of the third one though.
  14. Thanks girlies. I went with the first one :biggrin:
  15. ^Yay! I was gonna suggest the 1st one too, I think it would look best on you. I like the colour best too.