Help me decide, please! Penelope Op Art Travel Satchel - Get it now vs. wait it out?

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  1. As you can tell by my avatar, I am in LOVE with the Penelope Op Art Travel Satchel. I REALLY, REALLY want this bag, but not sure if I want to pay $698 plus taxes on it if it'll only show up at the outlets later for waaay cheaper and I end up feeling like I got burned. But then again, I don't want to NOT get it and then wait and it never end up at the outlets. I checked the availability of this bag in my state, and it's only at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, which is THE premier place to shop in Atlanta. It's not at any of the other Coach boutiques. I have yet to see this bag in person, but I know that I want it! :heart:

    I need some suggestions... What would YOU do? Has anyone seen this bag in person?

    Your responses are greatly appreciated!~ :tup:
  2. well - you can buy it just in case and keep it in your closet unused, with the tags on, wait it out and see if it makes it to the outlets. Very hard to do I know.

    well - there were several posts about how the Haversack would never get to the outlet and lo and behold it did - then I bought one.

    I think most everything gets to the outlet - even limited edition items are getting there - Coach is nuts
  3. Buy it if you really want it. Otherwise, wait for it to show up at the outlets. Seems like everything eventually does.
  4. For $698.00 I would take my chances and wait until it hits the outlets, usually from what I hear 3 to 4 months after it comes out. Just be on the lookout for it and Im sure you will be able to find it. Good Luck! ;)
  5. thank happened to me with the legacy bags, 12704 (bottle green) & 12705 in Grey. paid full price.

    then.......... six months later they showed up at the outlet. but i don't live near one so it was not possible for me to get any as they sold out right away.

    so.............. to get the other colors i wanted i ended up buying them on ebay for about $50 more than the outlet price. and right now most sellers are offering free shipping since they are getting higher seller discounts.

    i can't sell my Bottle green legacy for even close than i paid (maybe around $250 or something). the value has gone down so far .. but i don't use it. i like my other colors better. so i guess since i saved so much $$ on the others, loosing that much on the green one maybe i can't get over it. (*sigh*) i hope. :sad:
    IMHO.. i still think the legacy bags are worth the $700 i paid for them. i carried my grey 12705 for more than a week (that is a long time before switching bags) but it was so comfy to care and the leather is to die for.

    the short of this long store is.. if you want it now.. check *bay first, if its not there. get it at the bontique, while you can.. unless your close to an outlet (which i a not) the chances of getting ot before its sold are slim.
  6. Thanks for the replies! :tup:

    Has anyone seen this bag in their boutique's? :confused1:

    I'm thinking that I will get it and hold onto it, tags and all and see if it ever comes out to the outlet. Will Coach take a return if a couple of months go by and I still have the tags, receipt, everything on it?
  7. ^^Yep! Just hang on to that receipt, and you'll be all set! Coach technically has no time limit stated in their return policy.
  8. I also love the bag. The extra purse charms have me sold. I agree I love it but do not want to pay 700.00 for bag charms. I think I would love it this summer. I am still in love with my Hamptons Pebble business bag!!
  9. Just to give you my two sense- I got the wallet about a month ago and the Op art is flaking off. There are little white pieces where it just has started to wear off. I NEVER have problems with my stuff and I am very gentle on all my "goods". This is simply from sitting in my ergo satchel or my ergo convertible which have been my two go-to bags since getting the wallet. I need to take it back, but I've been too lazy and am dreading potential attitude given other CS situations lately that I have been reading about.
  10. I just received my travel satchel today (Ding Dong...Morning Delivery Reveal!) :heart:

    She's gorgeous and if you really I want her I highly recommend taking the plunge. However, I am skeptical that these will go to the outlets as there were just around 100 available at JAX when I ordered mine last week...but I suppose never say never, HTH! :smile:

    P.S. The material is not the coated canvas that all the other Penelope Op Art items are made of, it is a soft woven jacquard.

  11. I agree, if you are really desperate and wamt to make sure they are not sold out, but then again, you'll have mucho $$$$ sitting the the closet for a good few months. BUT then again, you wont miss out