Help Me Decide Please!-mod pics

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  1. Good Morning! It's Thursday and I look crappy and was getting ready for work in these photos! I've spent all week trying to decide which of these to keep and I'm hoping to get some help from you all. Here's pictures of me with the caviar mini (I've been WL for a while and got it from Saks) and the Jumbo Easy Caviar.

    This is my first Chanel. I will use it shopping, to dinner, weddings, bbq's, baby showers, etc. I'd like to have some space to put my stuff in, but I dont want the bag itself to look bulky on me.

    I'd prefer an answer based on what looks best on me, more than the functionality of the bag because they both have positives and negatives.

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  2. I love them both, sorry not much help really! Can u keep both?
    If I had to choose, I think the mini caviar slightly wins...suits your frame
    Good luck deciding :smile:
  3. Good morning ,i think mini looks better.
  4. I cannot keep both unfortunately!
  5. I also think the mini suits your frame better :smile:
  6. Jumbo. Mini looks a little small. No way to get one in between, actually?
  7. I was debating returning both and saving for a m/l. i've never tried one on before and don't know how much more it would hold than the mini since it's double flap. I would love the m/l easy caviar but it's sold out and i have the chanel itch.
  8. I would do that!!! I think the mini is too small for the occasions you mentioned and the jumbo looks a bit too big...

  9. I think the mini looks better for the type of events you'll be taking it to. I think the jumbo is more of an everyday bag when you have to carry more. Can you keep both as they kind if work for different purposes?
  10. I actually like both of them on you, BUT, I think you should be patient and wait for the m/l easy caviar! It will be the perfect happy medium. haha I know it's hard when you have the Chanel 'itch' not to buy something right now, but for that kind of $$ you should wait & get exactly what suits your needs!
  11. +1
  12. I like the mini more... Cute size on you and doesn't look too small.
  13. You look good with mini but it would be best for you to check the m/l too... Perhaps you can ask your SA to locate one for you.... But if you still want to chose between the two... I would vote for mini ;)
  14. +1
  15. I think the jumbo is great for every day, while the mini is great for going out. The mini is definitely too small as an every day bag. And the jumbo you can take to all those places you've mentioned, expert for weddings I think.

    If it was me, I would keep the easy jumbo. Or wait for a m/l easy caviar. I have the medium large classic flap and its not very roomy at all! I can't use it every day, only for going out.