Help me decide bow or regular one?

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  1. I've been thinking of getting myself my very first bow satchel but I can't decide if I should get the mini bow in denim or the regular bow in fumo. I have a mini coffer and I like it very much. Well, I can do big bags but I'm not sure if the regular bow will be too big. If I decide to get the fumo bow, I still can't decide if I should get one with silver or gold I really can't decide. Need your votes :confused1:

    I've borrowed some pics from the others threads...hope you girls don't mind.

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  2. I personally like the Silver Hardware !! As for the size I vote for regular... Mini is too small. But since you already have a mini coffer why not try the regular bow? Or you can go to the boutique to try which sz suits you best GL !
  3. I say regular...and I like silver hardware better I guess you could wait and see what comes out with silver hardware....I wish they made denim with silver hardware, that would be to die for!
  4. Regual bow will make much more sense as you already have a mini coffer. Colourwise is very much personal preferences. I will go for the fumo as I don't have a grey bag yet.
  5. if this is your first bow, I would go for the reg. in Fumo
  6. Regular in fumo.
  7. Ditto the above. Though i have not seen the mini irl. :P
  8. i also agree on the regular bow in fumo..... i want one as well :biggrin:
  9. Is MM coming out with silver HW fumo bow this season? I hv not seen one in the stores yet, only saw the gold HW fumo ones.
  10. Regual bow :smile:
  11. Regular in fumo!!!
  12. I would go for the regular bow, BUT in denim...droools...
  13. denim regular bow too
    more practical since it can hold much more than a mini
  14. i have a mini and regular bow.......

    if you don't carry a lot, the mini bow is perfect....i only carry a wallet, little coin purse and some make up in the pocket.....the mini bow is perfect.
  15. I am not sure but I am hopefully waiting for something with silver hardware!! one can dream! :biggrin: