Help me decide please: Hayden or Choo?

  1. Hi there, I am new and I think I have come to the right place for advice. I am trying to decide between a Jimmy Choo Mahala in black or a Hayden Harnett Nico bag in eggplant.

    I am a stay at home mom who needs a shoulder bag. I like a big bag but have moved on from a diaper bag size. I love the Mahala for the shape, but wondering if it is too small for me? I love the eggplant color, of the HH. I think the better brands do color so well. I'm currently using the Kooba Marcelle in Moss, I like the size but wish it fit over my shoulder better and stayed. I also switched from a IF Adura bag, I loved that size and style.

    Any thoughts or advice is welcome! I know they are two very different bags, please help me sort this out. Thanks in advance. At least here, I can bring up this subject and maybe not bore anyone. Stacy
  2. I am a Jimmy Choo lover and I have to say go with the Mahala it's a fabulous bag so unique and absolutely STUNNING! The Mahala is actually a great size and very functional!
  3. Hands down the Mahala! I'm dying for that bag!
  4. Wow, that's quite a difference in bag prices there.. I'd go with the HH simply because I love purple. It sounds like you know the Mahala is too small for you and that can be a problem is you're a mother who needs to carry a lot of stuff in your bag.
  5. On one hand, the Choo is luxe, but maybe too small. On the other hand, the HH is a marvelous color and definitely large enough, but the zipper is a pain to get in and out of. If you need to get into it quickly, you'll learn the zip flap is tricky. I recommend you cruise through some of the HH threads...some gals have recommended the Havana hobo (also comes in eggplant!) for moms because it holds a ton, yet is easy to open up.
  6. Jimmy Choo has great-looking plum patent and purple Mahala too. Both your picks are great bags. While Jimmy Choo is more glamorous, HH has a more secure closure which may be extra handy for moms (like me). (So why not both for different occasions?) Good luck on your bag hunt!
  7. Wow! We have similar taste in bags! I carried the IF Audra last year and loved it and I now have the Nico in Amethyst and love it. I will, however, be's a HUGE bag. There have also been several comments about the zipper being a pain. I, honestly, don't have a problem with the zipper because of how I organize it. What goes on the inside are things that I don't need quick access to. The bag has a luggage tag attached to the strap so I keep my debit card there, and it has four huge magnetic outside pockets (two on each side) and I keep my keys, cell phone, gum, a little bit of cash, etc in those pockets. It's a stunning bag and different from anything I've ever carried...and can I say that the color is amazing! It goes with EVERYTHING.
  8. What about a HH Gaza Hobo in Prune?

    This bag is a nice sized hobo style with a lot of pockets on the outside for your small items. And it stays put on your shoulder.
    PruneFront.jpg PruneInside.jpg
  9. Thanks for all the input, it really helps hearing what others think about using them and how they fit. I absolutely love the Mahala, it is such a pretty bag. At 5'11" do I need a larger bag? I was wondering if the Nico was a bit too large. I don't want to carry luggage around. I forgot to mention in my first post, I am also tossing the Gustto Baca idea around. Anyone carry that and what do you think of it? I am going to take another look at HH Havana bag, the amethyst color just might be it. I just feel like I am seduced by the Mahala, but it might not work for the life I have. I wish I had the funds to buy all three, but that is not the case so I need to make a careful decision. Thanks so much for all the posts, I do appreciate hearing what sort of experience others have had using these bags.
  10. Choo Choo!!!!
  11. Do you live somewhere you can try these on to see? I know I was disappointed that I couldn't wear the Mahala on my shoulder which is a must have for me with kids, but I have plump arms.

    Also, keep your eyes open because there have been some AMAZING sales with HH, so you might be able to get both if you are patient.
  12. I am also 5"11 and I have the Nico. Personally, I LOVE it, especially for my height. I don't know the Mahala, but I will tell you that the Nico is a casual style.
  13. I have the Nico and love it, but between that and the Mahala...go for the Choo! I am dying for that bag.
  14. The Mahala is gorgeous but re-check the size that it will suit your needs. The Nico is nice for when you need a really BIG bag (it is a good diaper bag/your stuff bag). mentioned the Baca:smile: it stays on the shoulder well and is comfortable and comes in nice colours, and the larger one is pretty big without being wierdly big. That might be great option also. Good luck picking!
  15. I will probably be stoned for this, but there is no comparison between a Choo and Hayden-Harnett in my opinion. In price, leather, and quality, the bags are worlds apart. Choo bags are what I call premium designer and Hayden Harnett bags are entry designer. I own three Choo with a purple mahala on the way and own 8 HH bags and there is no comparison. Again, this is just my opinion so HH fans please dont go on a tirade here.

    It depends on what you are looking for. If you want ultra luxe quality and luxury go for Choo. If you want a good everyday bag, go for HH. I baby my Choos because I don't want to ruin an 1800 bag. HH bags are on sale all the time and you can pick them up for sometimes under $100 so I use them and abuse them.