Help me decide! Pink or brown cherry blossom papillon?

  1. Hello all, I was wondering if the cherry blossom papillon from 2003 has been "played out." I have been eyeballing the brown one and the pink one on ebay (only from my poupette resellers of course) and I cannot decide! So, I turn to the LV addicts at PF. Thanks so much in advance for the help! The only small deciding factor is that I already have a brown mono theda gm....hmmmm :sos:
  2. I think the Brown/ Pink Papillon is a good choice, to me the Pink/Pink plays more to a certain season and age group whereas the Pink/Brown is pretty much limitless in versatility, plus it won't stain as easily and when (or if already ) patina it works better..
  3. brown/pink is nicer IMO
  4. I like the brown better!
  5. i like pink better...
    however the brown one is more versatile
  6. I love brown and pink..
  7. I like the brown and pink.
  8. definitely the brown/pink because the cherry blossom stands out much better.
  9. I like the brown pink.
  10. Definitely the brown! Lucky!:yes:
  11. :yes::yes::yes: but still love the pink, too
  12. Pink :smile:
  13. i like both! the brown and pink is probably more practical though
  14. i like the pink pink but really prefer the cream/red. that is the most gorgeous color combo!!!!! *drools*
  15. brown/pink