Help me decide! *pictures included*

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  1. Candy pink pencil pouch for $34 but it has black stains


    Smaller brownish/greenish/goldish perfect condition coin pouch for $29

  2. Is that Nord Rack? You can always get the Candy and return it if you can't get the black stains out. The stitching on it is crooked and that would bother me. The brown CP looks like Camel.
  3. Yeah! Nordstrom rack! And wow I didn't notice that crooked stitching. Ty for pointing it out ♡ Im leaning more towards the camel one.. lol I had to walk away cause I couldn't decide. I might get back later.
  4. Depends on what you need.. Which one will you use more? Both are great options so you can't really go wrong!
  5. Technically...... I don't really need any of them. Lol ... but I just was in love with the color for the camel LC. And as for the pen pouch I decided not to bc I'd rather pay extra for one with better stitching and no stains
  6. Coin purse in the camel color! I was also considering purchasing a coin purse, but off of selling platform online. But they have them at NR? Darn! I've been missing out. Gotta check my NR to see if we have them too!