1. I want a new caramel/cognac bag. I have it narrowed down to the 3 attached. Help me decide!! :shrugs:

    1.) Sissi Rossi
    2.) Hayden Harnett
    3.) Moni Moni
    SR 01.jpg HH 01.jpg MM 01.jpg
  2. I vote for the Hayden Harnett I love the pushlock style
  3. I would say either 2 or 3, definately not number 1...
    probably number because it is roomy trendy and cute!
  4. Depends on the use. The Moni Moni is a great casual bag but the HH would be better if you need to dress it up.
  5. I like the Moni Moni for an everyday bag!
  6. Number 2--I just prefer the shape and proportions.
  7. Wow... No one likes the Sissi Rossi? Here is another pic... Any takers? :smile:
    SR 01-1.jpg
  8. def #3! I really like the shape of the bag, and I like that it isnt so structured. because the moni moni you dont see everyday.
  9. P.S. I already have a tan casual caramel bag (Giorgio Brato attached)... but I just LOVE bags in this color family!!
    GB 02.jpg
  10. Love the Hayden Harnett.
  11. The Moni Moni....for sure....

    The HH is a great bag but the kisslock closure reminds me of a change purse and the Sissi bag is just TREE-mendous... looks almost like there's no way it'd just be something you carry shopping, etc.
  12. The Moni Moni is beautiful... the 2-4 week delivery time frame is a bit of a killer though... maybe i wouldn't mind if I had ever seen Moni Moni's IRL...
  13. sep, *I* like the Sissi Rossi the best! I'm more of a slouchy big bag person so that design speaks to me more than the others. And I agree, bags in this color family are just so warm and lovely. Plus the one you already have is more similar to the other two. I'm guessing that the SR slouches down quite a bit and isn't meant to look like the giant pillow pictured in the modeling shot. (Btw that girl looks like she's trying to ward off a mugger or something, no?)
  14. My vote would go for the Moni Moni. Looks great.
  15. Why would you need to wait for the Moni Moni? There are plenty of stores on line with it in stock.