Help me decide! Peyton or Zoe?!

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Peyton or Zoe?

  1. Peyton

  2. Zoe

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  1. Should I get the Peyton Shoulder bag or a Large Zoe?

    Bonus to the Zoe is that is probably cheaper and zips across the top. If I get the Zoe then I'll have extra Coach money left over to spend!

    For the Peyton I really like the style of it better, I like the leather on the corners, and it really reminds me more of the Carly than what the Zoe does.

    I DO like both and would be happy with either. Though I haven't yet seen the Zoe in person!

    I am going to get black in case ya'll were wondering. Then dress her up with colorful scarves and fobs!
  2. I prefer the Zoe. I have two of them and love them both!
  3. Zoe for sure.
  4. I own a Zoe (medium) and I saw the Peyton (Saturday at FP)...I also own a Carly (large).

    I can see how you would feel that Peyton does closely resemble a's the slouch, the bottom heaviness of the bag in general. It's really beautiful.

    I love my Carly for those reasons. It was super comfortable on the shoulder, it felt solid and melted into the body. I think the Peyton will feel the same during use...when I tried it on, I had that feeling.

    The Zoe is more rigid. It has some slouch but it's not the same. It's a great bag, I'm not saying it isn't (Zoe lovers, please don't attack!!)...but it doesn't have the same positives that the Peyton will offer you. The Zoe feels wide under the arm.

    In the end, I'd prefer the Peyton...but whatever you decide, be happy!!
  5. I like the Peyton more personally!
  6. I wish my outlet was closer. It'd make the decision so much easier! I could go see Zoe and try her on.
  7. I love them both, but I voted for the peyton as I love the roominess of the bag. I don't know... ahhhh..
  8. I love big bags. I put like... everything I can in there? Books, junk I buy, the cat, the kitchen sink. LOL
  9. Zoe gets my vote
  10. I was never a fan of the Zoe until it hit the outlet, but I had never actually tried one on until then. Boy did it win me over. I have 3 large Zoes and they are so comfortable and practical. I have a pretty extensive collection of capacity wristlets, smaller wristlets, etc., so organization is easy.
  11. Large Zoe hands down! I'm partial b/c I have one, and she's my favorite bag by far! Love the hardware!
  12. Completely Zoe!!!

    She is so lovely and the exact opposite of Peyton. Peyton is just way to stuctured for my liking. I love the way Zoe slouches - not too much, just enough :smile:

    Honestly, I would go with Zoe just for the reason that, eventually you would think Peyton will go to outlet.
  13. Yeah, I know Peyton will go to the outlet eventually, but I don't mind paying FP for a good bay that'll last me a long, long time, you know?

    I am also horrible at saving money haha.
  14. I LOVE my Large Chocolate leather Zoe, but I've had an eye on the signature Peyton. Those big, shiny, highly visible turnlocks are the shiznit :tup:

    I hear ya on the saving money thing. Instant gratification has its price!
  15. large zoe. of all my coach bags, i have to say i carry my large zoes the most! they are the most wonderfully designed bags. the large is the perfect size imho! good luck!