Help me decide! Order something else?? *poll*


What should I replace the Alicia sunglasses with?

  1. Now - Samantha sunglasses in bottle green

  2. Now - Rhea sandals in brown

  3. Now - 3/4" Fragrance Bangle Bracelet

  4. Wait until April! - Ergo in white leather

  5. Wait until April! - Carly in canvas/brown leather

  6. NOTHING.... quit buying so much stuff!!!

  7. None of these!! Another suggestion....

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  1. Since one of my PCE items turned out to be out of stock, what should I get instead?? Or should I save my $$ and get one of the items I want in April?? Or should I just pass all together? :smile: Thanks advance!!

    Current PCE order: Ritah sandals in gold, Starla sandals in red, Legacy ponytail scarf. (Alicia sunglasses are sold out... so that frees up about $200?)

    Get one of these instead? : Samantha sunglasses in green, Rhea in brown, 3/4" Fragrance bangle bracelet


    Coach - RHEA SANDAL

    Coach - 3/4" FRAGRANCE BANGLE

    Just wait until April for one of these: Ergo bag in white leather, Carly in linen canvas & mahogony

    Or, just leave it as it is and quit buying so much stuff??? :graucho: Thanks in advance!!
  2. The ergo bags are gorgeous! I'd wait on it!!
  3. Thanks TL! Do you think white or turquoise Ergo hobo OVER a Carly bag?? ;)
  4. Personally, I like the turquiose hobo over both the white hobo and the Carly. I don't like the canvas bags much though. If you did want a Carly, I'd go for the leather. But the leather on the Ergo is so beautiful. I love my tote. The Carly leather is gorgeous too but I like the Ergo leather just a touch more.
  5. I say wait for the Ergo!!