Help me decide on which stam?

  1. I received a taupe or cola stam on last Thursday and received a camel stam on today. Me dilemma is: the taupe stam has suede interior and unstructured, it came from NM. The camel stam which is the new color for the summer it has structure it came from MJ in New York. Any recommendation on which one I would probaly get more benfits out of carrying? All you stam experts help me decide I can't purchase two stams this month. Please help! :huh:
  2. hey ya
    i really love the Taupe colour! :smile: i think this colour goes with everything! good luck on what you decide!
  3. I think you should keep the camel and sell the Taupe to me. :graucho: Maybe evaluate your wardrobe and what outfits you would carry the bag with. Are you more conservative? Structured Camel then. If your wardrobe is more casual, then the Taupe would be best. Which color goes with what your have? Which would you use more? Maybe not much help, but I envy your decision!
  4. If I keep the taupe should I get a strucuted taupe bag?
  5. Keep the taupe bag! That color is to die for and it's so versatile.
  6. Based on what I have read on purse forums, an unstructured Taupe stam with suede interior is a very....very popular choice; another popular combination is Putty Stam with suede interior. Many Stam (and other MJ bags) lovers are disappointed by the new lining (even though it's lighter, but suede is definitely more luxurious).

    If a poll is given, it's very likely that an unstructured Taupe stam with suede interior will win! Despite its popularity, which one do you like more? Do you prefer structured or unstructured bags? What matters is what you like. =)
  7. You are absolutely right about what matters to me. I was happy with the taupe with the way it looked. I just didn't know if later on it would make a difference to me. Based on the opinions I think I am going to keep the taupe and send the camel back.
  8. Is it Taupe or Cola? I'm just curious but my vote would definitely be either of those over Camel for sure. I find the Camel color to be rather unfortunate.
  9. Agree with Daisy. Saw Bowler in Camel in person, I personally don't like the color -- it's dull (if anyone likes it, I'm sorry). Maybe, it had to do with it sitting next to all the WOW colors of other MJ bags -- Patent Black/Chalk/Midnight/... I haven't seen Stam in Camel though.

    Janicemph, since you like Taupe, definitely keep it! Suede interior is sooooo nice, but the bag weighs more. You are so lucky to be able to locate this combination nowadays! If you find yourself no longer liking it in the future, you shouldn't have trouble finding a loving home for it. =)
  10. Taupe!!!!!!!!! LOve the color!!!!!!!!!!!! (or post pics side by side for a better comparison???)
  11. I don't like the camel colour and I don't like the structured I vote for the taupe:biggrin: .