Help me decide on what bag I am saving for

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Not buying right this sec :sad:
    But I want an all leather bag, which is best?

    balenciaga city bag (in grey or something neutral)
    Marc Jacobs Stam (in blue)
    Jimmy choo [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Marin in blue or zebra[/SIZE][/FONT] (possibly troy in zebra)
    Jimmy choo [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1] Mahala (in a metallic color)

    Or a

    Chloe Paraty bag in black
  2. I don't own one, but I am always lusting over a city bag. The leather is just beautiful, IMO! I'll be saving up $$ with you! ;)
  3. Balenciaga City!
  4. Balenciaga City
  5. My vote goes to MJ Stam
  6. Bbag! :smile:
  7. balenciaga city.. it's the perfect sized bag =)
  8. I say either the Bbag or the Chloe!
  9. Balenciaga City. I want one too!
  10. Balenciaga all the way! I've had the city and the stam, and find the city to be much more versatile and lighter to carry.
  11. The city, of course :smile:
  12. I'm going with the majority here... Balenciaga.
  13. Balenciaga or Metallic Jimmy Choo
  14. Are you able to see any of the bags IRL? You may find that when you get to touch and try on the bags a clear favorite may result! GL choosing!
  15. City, I really love those bags!