Help me decide on this motorcycle jacket :)

  1. You look FANTASTIC in the jacket, it really fits you nicely not just in fit but also in style. YOU are wearing the jacket - the jacket is not overwhelming in style at all. You may "think" that the hardware is too much, but it doesn't look like it from our point of view. As others have mentioned, it's always good to have a piece in your wardrobe to add some edge and this piece can do that - but in no way would I say this jacket is too trendy. It's a classic biker look and think you will enjoy it for years and it will get better looking with age. Great brand.
    My suggestion is to try the jacket on with multiple outfits (jeans/dresses/skirts/shorts, dressed up/down,etc) to get a feel for how you can wear it with different "looks". This may help you with your decision as well.
    Let us know your decision. It's quite a stunner :cool:
  2. the jacket fits you look great!!
  3. I think its a keeper. Looks great on you
  4. another vote for you to keep it. You look stunning, I love the fit, for me it's perfect! HTH
  5. Another vote for keeping the jacket. I think it fits you perfectly and the zipper details give the jacket an extra edge, très Balmain! Not distracting at all!
  6. looks fab :yes:
  7. I love it! It fits you perfectly!
  8. I think it's a keeper ladies!!! The comments have helped me realize I can step out of my comfort zone :smile: