Help me decide on this motorcycle jacket :)

  1. I have finally found a motorcycle jacket that is nearly perfect in my eyes. Now that I have this I am worried if i'll be able to pull it off since I generally don't dress very edgy. What is everyone's opinion on a motorcycle jacket?

    Can this be a timeless piece or just another trend?

    I''m wondering if it's just got too much detail. The right side has quite a bit of zipper action (you can only tell when looking at my side view) and the sleeves when not rolled up are a bit too wide for my taste. I dont mind the sleeves since i can either get them taken in or just keep them rolled up.

    Opinions please :smile:

  2. Keeper for sure!!!!
    I love it on you - both this particular style and the fit on you.

    Black leather moto jacket is a wardrobe classic, always stylish, some years more in fashion than others. Look after it and you'll wear it for years :smile:
  3. Thanks Straight-laced. I was worried that there was just too much zipper action going on. I am on the safe side when it comes to style (even though i LOVE the look on others).

  4. :yes: It is quite zippy, but to my eye not distractingly so.
    Also the silver tone zips can give matte black leather a lift and give life to a plain jeans & tee & leather jacket combo :smile:

    From an outsider's perspective this jacket really suits you, but if you're not comfortable with it and think that it won't work out in the long run, return it & keep looking! There's no shortage of black leather moto jackets to choose from :smile:
  5. I like the jacket a lot, looking for feedback to push me into a decision lol. I only have 5 more days to decide and will have to ship it back to Europe if it doesn't work.

    So really hope I decide to keep so i don't have to pay the shipping back :smile:
  6. I love it. I agree the extra zippers can look tacky if not done right, but in your case it does not look cheap. Keep it!
  7. THanks xoxocat! keep the opinions coming
  8. I say keep it :]
    It fits you well & I like the fact that it is cropped because if you chose to wear it w/ skirts or more casual dresses, the proportions will look better (if that makes any sense) :]
  9. I really like that on you, it's very flattering especially with the sleeves rolled up which makes it more casual and wearable.
    I think the zippers are really nice and as xoxoCat said, it doesn't look cheap in this case.
  10. Loving it! Timeless chic. May I ask which brand/designer this jacket is from?
  11. ^I think it's balmain

    jacket looks great! Do you like that it's cropped? Do you like how it looks when it's zipped? :smile:

    Jacket looks amazing in the pics! Love the hardware actually.
  12. and the shoulder thingies! LOL!
  13. I really like it :tup:
    It does have many details but they are well balenced and it helps that the jacket is black. It looks great on you!
  14. I think your jacket looks amazing. In fact I cant stop staring at it while its on you. It fits you perfectly. I think your made for this jacket. KEEP IT! It's gonna stay trendy many years down the road.
    It's alright to have something edgy in your closet. It can jazz up a plain dress or plain outfit. Tossing on this jacket can add a great pop to your outfit.
  15. Thanks everyone for the comments. It's really helping me with my decision!!! i'm 90% sure i want to keep it now, esp since shipping back plus export/import fees will be costly (got it from an online retailer in Europe)

    Mas2388 you are good, this is balmain.