Help me decide on these necklaces please

  1. Soo, I bought this necklace the other day but I am now wondering if I should return it and get one of these instead. The one I bought it shorter, not choker length short but sits along my collar bone. I just worry since I wear a lot of tees and the necklace kind of just falls into my tees and gets hidden because of its length, though it does look great with tanks and tops that arent so close to my neck. And I wasnt sure if it was just a bit plain for a Chanel necklace...any feedback would be great!!!

    Thanks!! :smile: If you can tell me which you like the best and why...that would be loads of help!


    These are the other ones Im looking at:

    1. Chanel logo necklace which is about 35 inches so it can be worn as belt or necklace and id be mostly wearing it as a necklace I think--just hoping it wont be too chunky and heavy tho.[​IMG]

    2. This one is 37 inches and can be worn as a necklace or belt as well. My only concern is how big the white pearls are and if theyd look too huge...


    3. This is a grey pearl one with black CC logo, not sure on the length tho...still awaiting more information about it.

    4. This is a ladybug one, seems really cute and colorful and stands out--just hope its not too *bling* Its about 34 inches long so it can be a belt or necklace though I plan to mostly wear it as a necklace...

  2. My first choice is the one with big pearl. I own one & it does look nicer IRL. I wear with tshirt to dressy blazer. Mine can be worn as belt also. THis is from 2004 collection I think. You'll not find it in the store except on eBay. But there way out two many fakes with this style.My second choice is the first one with iconic one. Try wearing with low cut top or dress.Do you
  3. Cory, try to find this one. It's about the same length as the first one you posted, but is more special looking. Btw, that 2nd gold belt you posted is yucky, yucky, pewy - don't bid.:p ;) :roflmfao:

  4. I like the one Smooth posted above^^^
  5. Do you like this one? My SA just send me pictures & I'm going to pass it on since I'm getting something else.
    MVC-017S.JPG MVC-018S.JPG
  6. I like # 3, very classy.
  7. I like #1 and the one Mon posted. :yes:
    The one you bought is also very pretty, but I think you are right it will get hidden because of the short length. Good luck with making your decision.
  8. i like the one smooth posted :yes:
  9. smoothoprtr can you tell me the style number on that necklace, that's exactly what I was looking for
  10. I like the first one! :yes:
  11. I wish I could. I sold it a few months ago. I don't have the information any more. But it's from the same collection as the first necklace that Cory posted above. The icons line from 2006. I know for sure that it retailed for $465 if that helps.

    Did you see I posted the information you requested about the longer icons necklace in the other thread?
  12. I like the grey pearl one.
  13. yes thank you

  14. I like the 2nd and 4th. It depends on your age.
  15. I absolutely love that first one (for me) but if it's always hidden inside a shirt, you'd probably be better off with something else. Oh and by first, I meant the one you already own...