Help me decide on the rockstud clutch

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  1. So I bought this clutch from Farfetch for $1550. Not a great deal but I had a coupon code so I got a small discount. I own the rockstud pumps in patent poudre. I love the shoes so much...I have worn them so much that I bought a back up pair for the day when I wear them out as I know it will happen.

    This is the most I have ever spent on an occasion bag. I also tend to go with durable leathers on bags and shoes and this one feels very delicate, almost like lamb skin....heck, maybe it is lamb. I don't know.

    Anyway, I am questioning whether to keep it or not because I don't want to constantly be thinking about stains, scratches or spills. Does anyone have this and can speak to its durability?
  2. I used to have this bag in the alpaca color (basically a beige/tan color), and I ended up selling it because I was too worried about getting scratches and stuff on it. I took really good care of it when I had it and used it probably 10 times so it still looked in great condition, but I'm not sure how it would look if you don't baby your bags. It also helps that I don't drink, so when I would go to weddings/parties, I was still able to be super careful. :smile:

    Long story short, I totally understand your concern, and while the bag is totally beautiful, I think your worries are valid.
  3. Anyone else?
  4. I have to say I've never felt inclined to buy the clutches because I'm so scared of them scratching. Go to a store display and take a closer look - every time I take a peek at Nordstroms, I always see some kind of careless scratch on the clutches outside of the cases. It's really quite a shame that it's so fragile, because it's a beautiful clutch otherwise.

    And, my cat nails simply will not agree with it. The darker colored bags show scratches much easier. I LOVE their taupe + studs look... And I'd say go for it if you're willing to baby it. Remember also that when you store it, you need to stuff it and you can't have things leaning against it because it will dent through the dust bag. But if you're like me and like bags looking new-new for a long time, I'd steer clear of fragile leathers.

  5. You made the case for me. It is going back. Bummed but probably for the best.
  6. R.i.p, I'm confident you'll thank yourself later when you have a bag that doesn't scratch and fits your needs well :smile: You can definitely do a lot with that $1550!

    I'd definitely recommend Saint Laurent to you, I feel like YSL and Valentino are pretty comparable and have a similar sexy, glamorous aesthetic. Their grain de poudre leather reminds me of a softer-caviar leather, but still durable because it's coated; and I can speak to their croc or lizard embossed leather that the shape isn't going anywhere, it's super durable. They definitely have more variety of shoulder bags than clutches online, but you can always call your local boutique and ask what styles they have in stock (sometimes they have bags or colors from previous seasons, that aren't avail online).
  7. Yea I would return it as well, I am always scared of carrying expensive clutches because unlike mini bags I can't wear them crossbody so they are more prone to being scratched because I have to keep putting them down.

  8. I think it was the right decision. I never baby my bag because for me a bag is to use, so I don't get them in delicate leathers.
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