Help me decide on some Jillys please!

  1. So I called my store today, not holding out much hope that I'd be able to find a pair of Jilly flats in my very common size 8. Well, they had my size in BOTH of my favorite color choices!! The Bronze, and the Khaki/chestnut. So which ones do I choose? I'm a stay-at-home-mom, so I don't really NEED something as dressy as the bronze, but it's not as if the khaki wouldn't draw a little attention too, LOL.

    Of course, they're like $58 apiece, so feasibly, maybe I could get both. Are the color choices different enough that having 2 pair of the same should wouldn't be crazy?

    Enable away :graucho:
  2. any pics so we can see them?
  3. I'm not familiar with the bronze or the khaki/chestnut, but I'm in love with the khaki/black ones. I've been eyeballing them at Nordies, & I own the black sig fabric ones. So between the 2 you mentioned, I'd get the khaki. For some reason, I just LOVE those!
  4. Let me see if I can find some....

    Here's the drilldown pic. Bronze is the bottom left, Khaki/chestnut right next to the bronze.

  5. Most def the khaki/chestnut. I think the bronze are to "Hey look at me" I love the khaki though.
  6. I vote for the khaki/chestnut!
  7. Khaki/chestnut is absolutely cute!!
  8. i like em both and picture em both w/ outfits! congrats, so happy they had them for you !
  9. meh, get both!
  10. I agree, but if you can only get one, khaki/chestnut. I've been eyeing these at Macy's in khaki/black, but I really want the in the navy patent!
  11. i like the bronze. but i'm not signature fan.
  12. The biggest thing I like about the bronze is the leopard print lining. I am such a sucker for leopard print anything!! But I love both choices. Maybe I will treat myself at the end of a looooong week and just buy both :graucho:
  13. If you can only get one pair I would go for the khaki/chestnut! But for 58.00 go for both if you can!
  14. I :heart: the khaki/chestnut so that's my vote. I'm hoping to find a pair outside of overpaying on eBay :lol:
  15. Both! You cannot beat the price!