Help me decide on new multi style.........

  1. I have an Alma that I have had for about 2 years. It sits in the closet in the dustbag because I can't wear it over my shoulder. I am thinking of selling that one and getting a multi that I will get more use out of. I want one that will hold about as much as the Alma and one close to that size. I looked at the Petite Noe but it looks like it might be hard to get into. I'm tired of looking at eluxury and trying to decide. :P Suggestions please. :smile:
  2. Maybe the Lodge GM?
  3. What about batignolles vertical or Horizontal, Damier Saleya MM/PM, Popincourt, Cabas piano.
  4. i'd say the Batignolles Horizontal or Popincourt Haut. they're both shoulder bags, very comfortable to carry around and can hold as much as (or maybe even more than) the Alma can :yes:
  5. :confused1: Does multi=multicolore? Sorry if this is a dumb question!
  6. The Lodge or the Bolougne might be nice if you want a shoulder bag in multicolore.
  7. I thought multi meant multicolor too?
  8. I've been using my petit noe for the last week or so and love it! I wasnt sure of the style so i bought use to be on the safe side. It holds a ton if not more. and no issue getting into it.
    I tend you just pull the strings to tighten the bag but if i'm out shopping i'll tie them into a knot. it works great.
  9. Can you wear the multi colour white all year round or is it a spring summer bag?

    What do people think of the black MC?

    I love hand helded bags because I have enough shoulder bags...the Alma is so nice too.
  10. I had the same problem for my Alma and got a strap for certain occasions that I wanted to sling it on the body....have you tried?
  11. i only like the Multicolore line in white, and i'd use it all year round. i don't believe in bags being seasonal just because of their colors
  12. Yes and I am so sorry. I should have made that clear. :yes:
  13. How do you attach the straps? I asked the SA about this when I got the bag. She said there was no place on the multi colore Almato attach a strap. :confused1: :confused1:
  14. oh well, in that case, if you're looking for a Multicolore bag, then i suggest the Trouville :biggrin:. i love that bag; it can hold a lot if you arrange everything properly, and it looks so pretty and feminine in white :love:
  15. shoulder from MC line : lodge GM, Aurelia, boulogne..