Help me decide on new bag!

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  1. Hiya guys and gals!

    I have recently started a new job and have decided to allow myself a new bag, I honestly need it. I work as a computer-teacher so everyday I bring with me 1-2 books, notebooks, papers and all my regular stuff (wallet, phone, basic makeup, tissues, you know the deal). So I need a bigger model that can hold all the books and papers but preferably also with several pockets since I have all the other crap with me too. In the past I found that a bigger bag holds the books and papers nicely but then I have to dig through it to get the smaller stuff.

    For a while I concidered the Bucket and then the Batignolles but they dont really have that many pockets... I'd really appriciate some feedback from you guys. What do you think? What would you recommend me?
  2. How about the babylone?
  3. How about Monogram Luco, Vavin GM. Damier Saleya MM or GM, :P
  4. how about neverfull pm good price!!
  5. If you want compartments, I suggest the Monogram Multipli-Cite (which has two pouches are the front and one at the side for your mobile plus a couple of small pouches inside), or if you're only using this bag for work and don't mind messenger-style bags, the Damier Broadway or Reporter Melville. There is another Damier bag which has two pockets on the outside and is rather large but I can't remember its name...and doesn't seem to be working for me :sad:
  6. Neverfull MM. You could also buy a purseket for extra pockets.

    Cabas Mezzo

    Saleya MM
  7. Thanks for all your replies! Off to to check out these models. One more thing though, I want it to be a shoulderstrap model, since books and notebooks gets heavy rather quickly + I want to have my hands free. More suggestions?
  8. vavin and deauville have pockets but arent shoulder bags. you could just get a plain tote and then get a pochette to hold your personal stuff like makeup and wallet.