Help me decide on my second!

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  1. I have a black reissue 226 with distressed silver hardware which I adore! I will say that I don't use it as often as I would like but that's Bc I baby the heck out of it! I love that it's classy but also simple and subtle for everyday use!

    I'm in the market for my 2nd Chanel and I believe I have narrowed it down to a boy. Here comes the tricky part...

    Quilted vs chevron (thinner herringbone): quilted is wonderful but chevron is so different and unique. Not as classic as the quilted so do you think over time the chevron won't have that classic look? I'm 5'4 so I don't think I'll be getting the old medium...but rather the new medium. In this case I think maybe thinner chevron might look better? What do you think?

    Burgundy vs blue: I fell in love with both the burgundy and the blue. The blue I liked isnt that bright blue but the navy one. Although I've seen a navy blue that looks almost like black which isn't the one I want but unsure of what Chanel calls their blues. Does anyone have either the red or blue and how does it match ur clothing? Can u dress down both? Maybe blue is easier? Any pics to share?

    Silver distressed or gold distressed hardware: blue looks really unique with the gold distressed. Silver looks great with both colors. Any thoughts?

    Whew! I think that's it! TIA!!
  2. Quilted
    Gold hw
  3. Someone beat me to it! I was gonna say the exact same thing!


    Blue (changed below)


    Great minds...

    EDIT: oh wait.. You said navy blue! I thought you meant like a bright royal blue...

    Then sorry I would have to go with




    It's just my opinion. I feel like navy is too close to black so I would only consider navy if I have almost every other color!
  4. Chevron
    Silver hardware

    I prefer silver hardware with shades of blue.