Help me decide on my preorder!

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Which bag to preorder in caramel

  1. boogie bucket

  2. minilisa

  3. sex bomb

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi, I am debating which bag to get. I have a boogie bucket in brown and getting warmer in blueberry. I know I want a caramel bag and was thinking of the minilisa, another boogie, or sex bomb. :nuts:
  2. While I am a HUGE fan of the Boogie....since you have a Boogie and a GW a caramel Minilisa would just melt into your collection. :P
  3. #3 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    I chose the Boogie because I think the caramel looks best with the dark brown trim, rather than a monochromatic bag. Good luck deciding!
  4. Is there pics of any of these bags in caramel somewhere? I have only seen the tiny swatch. Thx!
  5. I vote for boogie in caramel. I too think this particular color would look better with contrast trim. I'm not a fan of the minilisa and love the sexbomb but, again the SB is all one color.
  6. I voted for Boogie Bucket just because I think this color was made for the Boogie-smooth lines, not a lot of folds or pockets to get in the way of this beautiful color.
  7. I voted for the Sexbomb since you already have a Boogie. It's a great bag and I think it will look great in the caramel!
  8. for me the two most important things right off the bat are how many handles, and how big is the strap drop. I own all single strap bags because of the "two handle curse". Regarding the drop, I find the sexbomb drop is just a little too tight. I have to be able to fling that bag up over my shoulder with one hand and a good amount of clearance or I don't buy it. And it's killing me, cuz I LOVE the look of the sexbomb! I have several boogies and love them. I don't own a minilisa, so I can't comment, but everyone here loves them. Maybe you should try one, since you already have a boogie??
  9. I love all the caramel bags with the dark brown trim.... maybe because I absolutely love choco + caramel MMMMMMMM! So, out of your choices I picked a boogie!