Help me decide on my next purchase! :)

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  1. Hello my darling PF'ers!

    So I'm in a buying mood and have spotted the Natasha mini in warm zinc. It was looooce at first sight.

    But I need your help!

    Would the mini Natasha be retundant when I already have the following:

    Hillier hobo - black / gold hw
    Lil Ukita - taupey grey colour / silver hw
    Percy crossbody - cinnamon / gold hw
    Classic Q Wristlet - olive grey / gold hw

    What do you think? Is there place for Natasha mini in there? I'm worried it'll just end up fighting Percy for the limelight.... :sad:

    Any Natasha mini owners out there? Are you happy with her? :smile:
  2. I think it's not redundant because it fills in the size category between your percy and your lil ukita! :smile:
  3. I was feeling the itch for this bag as a nice throw around bag but when I went to the store and tried shoving a pair of sunglasses in, I realized it really wasn't a great everyday bag. Your Percy fits a going out bag so it really depends on what you want it for and what you want to be able to put in it!
  4. It's a different design altogether. Just get it! :smile:
  5. I love the mini natasha--it fits so much stuff and does not get heavy. I seriously get a ton in there.