Help me decide on my next purchase

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
    Hello ladies,

    I have ~$2500 to spend on my next Chanel purchase and I couldn't make up my mind :smile:. I'd love to get your opinions on what you'd purchase with this "little amount" :biggrin: or you think what is best to add to my very small collection! Thank you.

    1. Mini flap (i am not a cross-body type fan, but it is so cute & roomy!!! Can this be worn like the med classic flap?)
    2. CC medium clutch $2000 (i've tried this on in store and it looked good on me)
    3. Cerf tote
    4. Chevron med flap

    My current small collection includes: PST, jumbo double flap, yen wallet, and a WOC. I will save up to buy a 226 reissue in the future :smile:
  2. hmm...since you have a woc, i would go for something roomier.

    personally, i would pick the chevron med flap! good luck!
  3. There is a CC timeless Tote for $2500 (size is like a jumbo but alot lighter). Can be worn 3 ways too.
  4. CC timeless Tote!
  5. Mini flap.
  6. Thanks ladies. After going through too many threads and pictures, I've narrowed down to options #2 & #4.

    wlee917 & BOBAErose - Is this the tote you are referring to? This is the one I tried on and really like it. But, I don't see many people own one though.

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  7. Ohhhhhh, this Timeless Tote is wonderous! I want!

    I like the Cerf as well. It looks very, very classic.
  8. Yes that is the CC Timeless tote... It also comes in red, gray and black caviar as well... Isn't it nice to own a rare piece?
  9. ***Sigh*** I can't make up my mind on either the CC tote or the Chevron flap. I am drawn to the CC tote. But, I also want something similar to a M/L classic flap and the chevron is perfect with less cost. I probably will have to leave it up to whatever SAKS have in inventory :cool: If you have any opinion on why I shouldn't get one over the other, then please let me know. Thanks all.
  10. I like the tote a lot! But I've been searching everywhere for one and it's so hard to find :cry:
  11. IMO - I will opt for the CC Tote over the Chevron Flap solely due to the CC is an all time classic piece vs. I think the Chevron is more a seasonal piece..... Not as classic looking without the quilts....
  12. I saw two, one red & black, on my last trip, tried on, but couldn't make the purchase. Now, I might regret it :cool:
  13. Yep! In fact, I was at a few NM and the SAs don't even know it exist! They said it's rarely in stock. Definitely a great deal!!
  14. Chanel Boston has it and will be getting more. If you need the SA info let me know.
  15. Sorry meant to say NM Boston.