Help me decide on my next purchase please!!!


Which one should i purchase now?

  1. 07 Violet City

  2. 07 Jaune City

  3. 07 Violet First

  4. 07 Jaune First

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi gurls:flowers:

    i've finally decided on getting a 07 Violet and a 07 Jaune Bbag...
    i think i'm so in love with these 2 colors.:love:
    (i currently have a day, a work, and a weekender, and hoping to get a first and city)
    but i'd just buy one now and the other later...
    but i cant decide what i should get :angel:

    here are my choices:
    1. a First in 07 Violet

    2. a First in 07 Jaune

    3. a City in 07 Violet

    4. a City in 07 Jaune

    does the Violet look better in First or City?

    how about First or City?

    what ever i'd end up buying now, i will get the other style in the other color shortly...
    ie. if i get a city in violet now, then i'd get a first in jaune later.

    what should i get now? please vote to help me decide~
    your vote would be greatly appreciated~~~:heart:

    thanks in advance~~~
  2. My advice is Violet City now, because it's so popular and who knows if it'll be available later, and then a Jaune First!
  3. Violet city!!! Great style, gorgeous color!!!
  4. Violet City, buy it now!
  5. Buy the violet city that colour is so lovelymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Hugs Fx:heart:
  6. Another vote for violet city..great color and great size! Second would come violet first if you want a little splash of color. I am not a big jaune fan but I saw a couple of pics where it looked great .I am blond so I am biased since jaune isn't for me.
  7. how about 07 magenta???

    is it too girly? too bright too vibrant?? yikes~~

    i'm so indecisive...
  8. I voted for the Viloet City............
  9. Jaune city - I love jaune! Find violet a bit to dark for my taste (returned my violet step, keeping the jaune).
  10. Buy the violet city now! I don't recall seeing a Jaune first, but I bet that looks lovely.
  11. I say get a jaune city and a violet first later... for some reason, I think the jaune looks better in the city size than the violet... but jaune and violet look equally TDF in the First style... hth! good luck!
  12. Violet city. :yes:
  13. JAUNE CITY !!!
    and my second choice will be Violet FIRST!

    Good luck ;)
  14. Violet City, it's just such a lovely colour!

    I wish you well,

  15. I agree. Violet City gets my vote. Good luck!!