Help me decide on my next first: Aquamarine or Vert D'eau? Anyone have modeling pics?

  1. I just got the ivory a few days ago. And I ordered an Anthracite which will hopefully be here by next Monday (can't wait).

    I'm normally a LV/Gucci/Prada girl. Most of my bags are neutral colored.

    Should I try to find an Aquamarine, Vert D'eau or both? Or should I wait for spring?

    I've searched through the clubhouse and reference library for pics already. So many nice ones. But I didn't see too many modeling pics. If you have some of yourself wearing either color (doesn't have to be a first), can you please post it for me?

  2. If you can get both Aquamarine or Vert Deau, I would say get both. But otherwise I vote for Aquamarine. It is a lovely color.
  3. definately Aquamarine!!!!!!
  4. i like both colors! i'm debating whether to go with vert d'eau or plomb or any of the blues!
  5. I think the aquamarine fades less and is a little more intense. I don't have either, so girls correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. I'd say Aquamarine. Even though I love vert d'eau, ligher bbags yellow over time and really show dirt on the handles. That's why I never buy used, ever. CAnnot stand that worn-in look.
  7. Vert de'eau, it's such a beautiful color! :yes:
  8. Aquamarine! I love that color.
  9. love both color. can't go wrong with either one. go for the color you see yourself using more. good luck!
  10. Vert D'eau! Love mine!
    bbags 001 467x350.jpg bbags 002 467x350.jpg
  11. I'm partial to Aquamarine - it's suprising how many things it can go with... and I think it can go from spring/summer to fall!!


    IMG_0166.JPG !!
  12. I will go for aquamarine... its such a lovely shade of the ocean
  13. i'd say aquamarine!
  14. I vote for vert d'eau.
    When I went to Bal to buy an Aquamarine city and I saw Vert d'eau in real life I thought "hey what is all that thing about aquamarine, I like much better the vert d'eau color!" Then I asked the SA to bring me a city in vert d'eau , and the leather was sooooo much better than the aquamarine, and the color was so much more special than the aquamarine, that I bought it instead.
  15. Aquamarine – way more versatile