Help me decide on my next big purchase

  1. I am on a purse ban until March 2007, and I am deciding between:

    -White MC Speedy (approx $1940 CDN)

    -Cannelle Jasmin (Approx $1200 CDN)

    -Violet Hermes Compack Bearn wallet (Approx $1850 CDN)

    So far the 2 full sized LV bags I own are the monogram speedy 30 and the fuchsia baggy pm. And I don't own any Hermes yet. Which one would you choose and why? Do you think the Cannelle Jasmin is too plain looking? I like it quite a bit but I don't think it has that wow factor.
  2. Hermes is even more $$$ than LV. I thought that 615 can was a lot for the pouchette wallet but, 1850 can for a wallet is wow...a lot. Personally I would not pay 1850 for a wallet but, it is Hermes so it has a hefty price tag. For summer I would go with the White MC Speedy because I love that bag and it is so fresh and fun for summer. Also it stands out from the crowd the Cannelle Jasmin is too subtle for me now if it was the mandarin Jasmin then we are talking. For spring summer I like bags that are bright and cheery. The Daimer Azur line looks very nice for spring summer also...good luck!!!
  3. i think MC speedy is very pretty. :yes:
  4. Do you think its bad to get another speedy 30 since I already have it in the monogram? Thanks! :flowers:
  5. White mc speedy.
  6. mc speedy.
  7. MC speedy.. from eBay. The price increase for the MC speedy has been insane !
  8. i would choose the speedy...just in time for spring. i wouldn't get the hermes wallet unless i had the bag first. that's just my opinion.
  9. I saw the Canelle Jasmin IRL last week, and I LOVE it!! It's on my list!!
  10. what about a canelle segur MM? its similar to the Jasmin but has the nice hardware.
  11. I vote for the MC speedy. It's gorgeous!
  12. MC Speedy!!
  13. I vote for the Jasmin. I'm a huge Hermes fan but I just can't spend that much for a wallet. :lol:
  14. Another MC SPEEDY vote here!!! :smile:
  15. white mc speedy.

    i don't like the new epi color and the hermes wallet is too expensive for a wallet.