help me decide on my next bag!!!

Which one for my next bag?

  • Black City/PT in RH

  • Black PT in SGH

  • Tempete PT in RH (new)

  • Tempete PT in SGH (used)

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Bal Addict
Mar 21, 2009
So I'm supposedly on a ban (after buying 3 bags in 1 week... :shame:smile:... but after seeing couple of my "wishlist" items popping up is just way too much for me to handle... but obviously I can't buy more than 1 so I really need some opinions on which ONE to get lol :P

So I love Tempete and I love PT, and I'm looking at one in RH (new) and one in SGH (used). My 3 bags so far are all RH so I'm tempted to get SGH, but added weight is sort of an issue for me. To complicate the matter, I was set to get a black bag as my next bag. And I haven't decided on RH or SGH either. I feel that RH is more classic, but I also love the way SGH looks and it's temping since I don't have any yet. Black is more practical for me since I love black, plus I currently don't have any black bags (after selling my Marc Jacobs). Tempete is more like a "lust" item for me. Budget is also an issue since I just bought 3 bags and feel like I should pace myself better. So basically I need some enabling or dis-enabling :lol:

So help me!!! cuz' I know you girls are really good at this~ Thanks in advance :hugs:


Jan 25, 2010
Paris, France
Hi !
Black will always be available, no need to rush, but Tempête might be difficult to find soon. I personally love Tempête+GSH, so I would go for the PT with GSH !


Bal Addict
Mar 21, 2009
thanks everyone! i'm so indecisive i just need that little push haha. SGH seems to be winning! can anyone comment on the weight difference, is it really significant?

and i agree about the "you can always find black anytime"... very true. but then if i buy tempete now that means i have to buy yet another bag down the road eventually lol :roflmfao:


May 14, 2008
For me, there is a big difference in the weight of a RH bag and a GH bag, except for maybe the Day style. GH bags are just too heavy for me to carry around all day. I carry alot of stuff.
But I agree, black can be purchased in any season so if you really love Tempete, I'd go for that. But yes, then sooner or later, you will buy Black, so that means another bag.


Apr 26, 2008
I voted for Black City or PT but If you really want Tempete then you might want to get it before they wiil be all gone!
Nov 7, 2007
I voted black but would also say tempete - both with giant hardware - the giant bags a slightly heavier - but also sturdier and I prefer the feel of them over the rh anyway. Good luck deciding


Sep 28, 2007
I love love Tempete with GSH most and also with RH. Black will always be available and you will probably buy another bag even after you buy the black, so get the Tempete. It's a really special color!!!


Dec 31, 2008
Sunny Cali
My vote is Tempete GSH and like what the other girls have said, black is always available. Since you already have 3 RH bbag, you should consider a GH. Tempete looks stunning with the SGH. If the price is right and the bag is in excellent condition, go for it. Yet again, you should follow your heart. :biggrin: There is a huge difference on the weight, but don't worry about it. You will be more thrill to carry it than worry over about it.