Help me decide on my new prada wallet guyss! TIA!

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  1. Hi guys... So to cut story short, I'm looking for a new wallet since my old one (LV Damier) was stolen a night before my wedding day 3 weeks ago, together with $1K cash to pay vendors and all photos which hold sentimental value! I'm so pissed but i had gotten over it..

    To throw the bad luck I'm decided to move on and get my first Prada which is a wallet..but i can't decide between the models and colors..

    I love the bow wallet, I think it's very cute. They have the zip around model and the snap closure ones, which can holds more credit cards. The thing is because the zip around could hold the phone and passport inside, so I'm torn... It's not like I'm going to put my phone inside the wallet the whole time.. But in case i need to make quick errands, it will be nice to be able to carry just the wallet with the phone inside. My only concern is the credit cards which only has 8 compartments and the size is a little bit bigger / bulkier compare to my old wallet. The snap ones is quite compact and cute, holds more credit cards, but can't put any phone inside.

    Another thing is the color. I thought black is more like a classic item from Prada, but the dark fuschia is quite cute as well. So please help me give your opinion guys and if saffiano leather is durable? My last wallet made from canvas leather so its very durable, but I'm not sure about this one. If i were to get the fuschia one, will it easily get dirty? Or can it be wiped off easily?

    Thank you guys for reading and commenting. Sorry for the long post! Looking forward for any input! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391570994.915895.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391571009.219825.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391571017.797064.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391571028.715939.jpg
  2. I like the Bow ones too - but read that some had problems with the bows?
    Not sure if that is correct or not but they are both simply lovely.

    I ended up buying the Cosmopolitan (I think that is what it is called)
  3. I prefer the snap closure ones to the zip ones. Between black and pink... I say go for the pink. :smile: It's definitely more unique than the plethora of black wallets around.
  4. I think the black zip can double as a clutch, at least on dressier occasions. But i do like the snap functionality better for day to day.
  5. I saw your reveal and I think you mean continental hehe?
  6. Oops - yes - that what comes of being on Purse Forum at work (being sneaky) hehe - you make mistakes - thanks for clearing that up :biggrin:
  7. I personally prefer the snap closure as opposed to the zipper...and I'd say go for the pink! :smile:
  8. I personally prefer the snap closure & even though the pink is pretty I'd go for the Black! I have a compact Prada Saffiano wallet in black & it looks new, however I rotate my wallets often. It's very different than LV canvas & leather wallets, I have my LV wallet that shows no wear & I've used it a lot. I think you would like the saffiano leather as well.
  9. Stick with a simple zip around and ditch the bow wallet. The bow may be cute, but it's just something else to become damaged, not to mention getting hung up on things inside your purse when you're trying to pull the wallet out. A zip around saffiano will work for years and takes a lot of abuse. I prefer my wallets to be in a fun color. Black and other neutrals are harder to find in your purse. I personally love this color!

  10. I have the bow wallet with snap closure and have no problem fitting my Samsung s3 in it. I have to admit it is quite troublesome that I need to be more careful when taking this wallet out of zippered bags to avoid it getting damaged but it's just so pretty so it's worth the extra effort.
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    hey! so i have a pink saffiano prada wallet and i must admit i totally abuse it (throw it in my backpack, bookbag, purse, etc) and its pretty new looking. i don't really take any extra precautions to keep it clean and the colour and the leather is fine :smile: I've had it since 2012 and it still looks awesome. and its kinda water resistant too so its super easy to clean if it get a bit dirty. i use a prada wallet everyday - i have a pink and a blue one and i swap between the two for the last 2 years - so its not like i'm only using it for special occasions and its kept nicely from not being used.

    personally, i'd go for a more colourful wallet since i normally have more neutral coloured bags and its easier to find in your purse. black wallets are nice too but i feel like its not as unique? i already have one black wallet (kate spade). i love colours and get plenty of compliments on both my pink and blue wallets

    i would also prefer a snap wallet since most the time when i'm out and about i have my phone in my hand or pocket (pants or sweater) anyways and i'd prefer having more card pockets and stuff. plus i think it looks better. i find zipping and unzipping kinda annoying after awhile esp when u zip around the corners and it gets a little difficult. + i love the bow! it really adds something to the wallet in a classy way

    aside from running around i normally have a purse/crossbody so there's really no need to shove the phone into the zip wallet. what i do worry is if u do go for zip and put ur phone in it- wouldn't that stretch out the leather and kinda change the shape of your wallet?

    just go with what you think like more but i'm personally team pink bow wallet. :smile:

    anyways for reference, here's a pic of both my wallets after being used for ~2 years (i use the blue one more tho). i haven't taken any special care of them and they hold up super well. hope this helps :smile:
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391838877.006450.jpg

    Oops forgot to attach to previous post
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    OMG! Yours looks great! Anyway i stepped into CHANEL boutique and fell in love with the wallet so in the end i decided to get it. I know saffiano leather also has mixed reviews and although i love the bow wallet so much, the discussions here concerns me because i would definitely want it to last at least more than 5 years just like what my LV wallet did previously.

    Thank you so much for the input amd pictures, I truly apreciate it. Although this time round means no PRADA for me, but definitely saffiano tote will be in my next wishlist!

    Thank you again for sharing!
  14. Yes I prefer this simple pink zip-around wallet, it's nice :smile:
  15. no problem!!! what wallet did you end up getting ;)