help me decide on my first woc ;)

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  1. Hi ladies

    I went shopping for my first woc yesterday and was overwhelmed by the (new!!) choices available. :P

    My intention was to get a classic black caviar with ghw that I can use for years to come; but got tempted by the seasonal designs..

    I'm now deciding between my original choice, and the calf leather shiny turquoise. What do you ladies think? For those who own a calf leather piece, any concerns wrt it being easily dirtied / colour transfer? I would love for this to dress up my casual days, as well as dinner functions.

    Would love to hear your views :smile:

    Thanks in advance!

    Photo 1 - turquoise calf leather woc
    Photo 2 - classic beige lambskin (i'm eyeing the same design in black caviar)
    Photo 3 - other pretty distractions :graucho:

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  2. OMG Where are you based? The black caviar is so hard to find!!! Been waiting for one since November. But even before i was looking for one they were never in stock. I personally think the first one should be a classic you will have forever. Then add to the collection - having ones for special ocassions perhaps. I would love a beige one - but id worry it would get discoloured...from rubbing against my jeans or whatever - i don't know if this happens - just a fear of mine. I would also like a deep red - think the chanel red is so beautiful and classy. Good luck xxx (if you're not buying the caviar tell me where you are i will come buy! hehehehe)
  3. Wow tough decision. I agree with below post. For the first one I would go with black.
    But LOVE the red. And if u already have a flap bag then the cc pattern red will be great.
    I really love the red one.
  4. Oh too much choices!! But I started with a black ghw classic, and it is worry-free! So durable and easily be dressed up or down! And also can fit quite a lot of stuff! ( I can fit more in my woc than my square mini)
    So I am agree with the other ladies, black classic ghw if you can reach one, it seems so hard to find in US but it wasn't difficult in HK! Good luck deciding !
  5. I agree with all of the previous posters that if you can find one, go with the classic black caviar, then you can build from there! :graucho:
  6. Is the beige matt gold hardware? It looks different and amazing!!
  7. I agree with all the others and would go with the classic black caviar WOC. However, the beige WOC and red WOC are tempting especially since spring/summer is coming around.
  8. Turquoise is GORGEOUS, unique, rare. LOVE IT!
  9. The turquoise one is a beautiful and very unique color. I would pick between black and turquoise, just because black caviar seems like a hard one to get your hands on. But i love color so my pick is turquiose!
  10. I would go with classic quilted black caviar for a first WOC. I can't stop using mine since I got it this past summer, it just goes with everything. I doubt I will ever get another WOC, I'm too into larger bags, but honestly the one I have is so versatile that it keeps me from craving another one.
  11. Oh what lovely choices! You won't make a wrong decision. I only have one WOC, I am more a big bag
    girl. I agree with the black caviar comments. But, wanted to also say I love the turquoise color. Very
    Unique. And, I think it depends on the colors you wear most. Black goes with everything. But, if you
    are a person that wears mostly black clothing....then a pop of color might be a good choice. Let us know what you decide:smile:
  12. Get the black!! They are so hard to find!!!!
  13. turquoise and beige would be my that order too. have fun deciding! ;)
  14. I like the red one simply because it gives a pop of color.!
  15. Get the black quilted caviar with GHW! i just signed up for the waiting list at my store and my SA said it usually takes about a month.