help me decide on my first white mc

  1. Hi,
    I am looking to buy my first white mc, probably my only one for a while. I can't decide between Priscilla, Trouville, or Audra. Looking for thoughts and suggestions. Priscilla is really cute. But I wonder if it would still be pretty once the leather turns darker. The shape of trouville seems to be more classy, Audra is so pretty. Decisions... Decisions... Decision...
  2. Trouville :love:!

    i have the white one and it's a great bag :yes:
  3. Trouville or priscilla
  4. I LOVE Audra!!!:love:
  5. I vote for the Audra!
  6. Trouville is my favourite because it doesn't have that many gold hardware and it isn't too bling bling. Good luck!
  7. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  8. I like the Trouville.
  9. I Think The Audra Is Beautiful!!!!! :smile:
  10. I say Trouville..I don't really like the open-ness of the Audra or the shape of the Priscilla. And IMO, it has too much "going on" with the handles and buckles and all.
  11. Definitely the trouville.
  12. i would go for trouville among those 3 choices. but i personally go for speedy 30 or alma
  13. I would go for the Trouville (although I love the Alma the best ;) )
  14. Trouville, Alma, Priscilla, in that order. But my fave in the MC line is the Speedy.
  15. Out of the 3, it definitly has to be the Audra!! Its a really cute bag!!

    My fave out of the MC collection is the speedy - its my fave in all the collections lol!!