Help me decide on my first RM bag


Nov 5, 2015
I'm asking for my first Rebecca Minkoff bag for Mother's Day. Should I go with the Love Crossbody (chevron) in black or the Vanity Saddle in putty? Any advice or experiences would be highly recommended.
Aug 17, 2008
I have the original black chevron Love Crossbody from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a couple years ago, and I love it, still one of my most worn bags! I also bought it in the burgundy color as I couldn't decide, I wear the black more but the burgundy is so pretty. I really prefer the chevron for the Love style compared to the regular quilting so I'm glad I bought both colors. I haven't kept up with RM as much lately so had to google the other bag you mentioned, it is very cute too, I'm not sure how much it holds compared to Love. Love is not big but it holds a good amount, I have a large Hobo wallet and I can get that in there so it works for me. The looks of the Love vs. the Saddle are very different so you might take into account your personal style and the types of clothing you wear. Lighter colors sometimes don't wear as well also, they might pick up marks as time goes on so that might be another thing to consider.
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Feb 15, 2014
'over the rainbow'
Not being a Saddlebag kind of girl I personally would go for the Love Crossbody. It's a classic look (not that the Saddle isn't) and I feel the Love is more versatile as far as dressing up or dressing casually. To me, the Saddle just can't be a dressy bag.......just my own opinion.
I guess it all depends on your lifestyle and your bag needs. If you don't already have a bag that fills the need for dress and casual then I think the Love would work perfectly. If you don't normally need a bag for 'dress' and prefer a saddle style then there you go......!


Feb 28, 2016
I think it all depends on what kind of use you see for the bag - everyday or formal. Personally, I LOVE the Love, and have always stayed away from saddlebags (not a fan). The Love in quilted and chevron are so gorgeous. It's a bag that goes with everything, casual or formal which I feel a saddlebag wouldn't be able to do. I went for the quilted Love because I saw pictures of the chevron getting wrinkly in an obvious way on the flap. The wrinkles I saw weren't even on both sides of the flap, so I was iffy about that. I'm not sure about how the geometric pattern stands up to wear, since it's similar to the chevron and also a lovely style. My quilted Love (black/gunmetal hw) is about a year old now and still looks amazing (albeit I don't use it as a daily bag). You can't go wrong with the black Love chevron if it doesn't pick up wrinkles. I'm not sure if the Love is available in putty, but that could be an option if you're set on that colour and there's a similar one available. Black definitely will match with almost everything, but if your wardrobe will match putty just as well, it's a viable option.

If you prefer the saddlebag over the Love, you should choose the bag you love more regardless of what we say :smile:

I hope you enjoy your newest addition, and I would love to see a reveal :smile: Happy Mother's Day!