Help me decide on my first LV!

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  1. My sweet husband is buying me my first Louis Vuitton before our baby comes this fall!! I probably won't be getting another one for a long time so I need help making the best decision!

    I am in love with the Galliera PM in Damier Azur, but I also love it in the Monogram. I definitely prefer the look of the Damier even though I normally wasn't a fan of that pattern. Here are my questions:

    - How easy is it to keep the Damier clean? (I'm thinking about when I'm carrying it with a little one!)
    - I still think it would look pretty in the winter but I hear alot of people calling it a summer bag?
    - Do you guys still think this would go with a ton?

    Knowing that this is probably the only LV I'll own for a long time is making this impossible to decide!! Also, so many people have fake Monogram LV's that I'm thinking this might make it look more real, but then again alot of people don't as easily recognize the Damier!

    Thanks so much everyone!! :smile:
  2. Hi leliz , welcome to tPF...yes, galliera is a very beautiful a fan of damier but I bought when it first came it was the mono at that time.

    Azur is nice but if its going to be your only bag for a while....I suggest you get the mono especially with the little one is on its way and you may want to use it as a diaper bag in the future. Its less hassle and easy to maintain compared to Azur, but just be careful with the vachetta... LV does the damier ebene but its a special order bag...

    Good luck with the arrival of this little bundle :tender:....and also your decision on the bag...let us know :smile::tup:
  3. Galliera is a beautiful bag; I think it looks best in the mono.

    The thing with owning LV is that you just have to let the worries about people thinking it is fake go. You're not getting it to impress, right? You're getting the bag because it is what you want and as long as you know it is real, that is really all that should matter.
  4. ohhh, forget about what other people think and go for what makes your hearts' desire. i have dealt with many strange reactions when i got mine and it used to bother me. go for the mono galliera, btw. azur is too pretty, yet too much too care for.
  5. LVoe the Galliera but in mono, or you could special order the Damier ebene, now that would be gorgeous :cloud9:
  6. Galliera in mono is a lovely bag.
  7. Love the Galliera. I am using the azur pm right now. It is really a great everyday bag. You do have to be a little careful with the lighter color azur. You can't wear dark jeans or a really dark color top that has not been washed a ton of times. It can get rub off pretty easy.
  8. the mono galliera is lovely.
    with a baby on the way (and being a mum myself!), i would think azur will be higher maintenance!
    but as usual, i would say go with what your heart desires as you are the one that will be using it!
    good luck and keep us posted.
  9. I think the mono Galliera would be a good choice
  10. Galliera Mono
  11. Mom of 2, suggest mono galliera gm
  12. I think Galliera looks best in mono...but if u luv the azur, get it! I dun think there's a season for any bags... I would carry Azur in winter too! ;)

    But I think mono will be more durable and easier to clean that Azur, in my opinion. I think the patina looks better in mono than azur, I don't like patina on azur but that's just me. You can always protect the vachetta in many dif ways, just check out the FAQ thread. So it u luv the azur, dun let it stop you from getting what you luv. Good luck and congrats on your baby! ;)
  13. I like the Galliera in Mono (one of the best mono bags in my opinion ;))
  14. I like the Galliera in Mono better than in Azur. For me Azur is a summer bag.
  15. Galliera in mono! Although I love azur, I think mono suits your needs better.