Help me decide on my first Kelly

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  1. Rc !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. +1
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  3. Thanks for the pic! Stunning! Do you have any modelling pics and I can see how so can style it well? That’s my biggest worry.
  4. I like how you said it’s a perfect lipstick shade! I will be sleeping my whole night thinking between the two colours
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  5. I greatly prefer the pop of pink over red (if I could only choose one) but I've always gravitated towards bright pinks.
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  6. Rouge Casaque is really a very beautiful color that will be classic, timeless & wearable forever..
    Since you like Rose Pourpre, why not do a pop of colors in your accessories that way you will have the best of both worlds..
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  7. Both are wonderful colors and Kelly Sellier style can be worn casual or dressy. As for the color, it really depends on your wardrobe. Mine is full of green, blue, pink, purple and black. I have a Rose Pourpre Birkin and it goes the distance for me. Casaque wouldn't. If red fits with your wardrobe better, then chose it.

    Really, you can't go wrong with either. good luck!
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  8. I personally love both. I prefer RP. However unless you plan to get a number of bags I would get the RC because it will stand the test of time.
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  9. RP B30 Epsom is my avatar. I'm a pink girl and will take pink over red any day. I vote for RP :smile:
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  10. RC!
    I scored a mini Halzan when it was first introduced in Rose Pourpe. The color is beautiful but I found it much more "specific" than classic not-too-warm-not-too-cool Rouge Casaque.
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  11. I think if you are a RP (pink) person you would *already know* you are one and would have taken the RP without any hesitation.

    Agreeing with many others that RC is the more timeless and classic choice. But honestly both are beautiful and as a weekend bag you can’t go too wrong with either.
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  12. The rouge casaque is so sophisticated. Both are beautiful, but a red bag is essential. Are you the type to match your hardware to your jewelry? If so, does the hardware impact your choice at all?
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  13. Both are stunning, so either will be wonderful. Like @momoc said, if you are a pink girl, go for the pink. If you gravitate more toward reds, get the red bag. Get whichever one works best with your clothing, and preferred jewelry metal. Of course, if either pink or red happens to be your favorite color, that would make the decision more of a no-brainer, as it should be. I have purchased considerably less expensive red handbags, never to wear them, but I have most certainly worn my pink bags (and I am considerably older than you, too). If you have no color preference, then I think you should go for the classic rouge casaque Kelly with gold hardware, and that is tough for me to admit, considering my favorite color is pink. Good luck with your decision.
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  14. Thank you girls! I have decided to go for RP after struggling for days! The rational side of me said I should get RC because it will stand the test of time and is essential to a H collection. However, I feel that I will have to dress up for RC because it is such an elegant piece. (I actually have both pink and red bags in my wardrobe that’s why it took so long for me to decide...) But I feel RP is something I can go with everyday. THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK
  15. Agree! Good decision!
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