Help me decide on my first Kelly

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am a newbie to Hermes and am hoping to to get a Kelly Sellier 28. I am struggling between Rouge Casaque and Rose Pourpre. Can you help me decide? I am looking to wear it during the weekends. I am a thirty year old and in general like bright color bags. I am looking for something that I can keep for the long term but also young.

    Thank you so much!!!

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  2. Both are beautiful, but that Rose Pourpre is really gorgeous! I feel it's got a younger edge (especially with the PHW) to it, whereas the Rouge is more 'lady' like. Either way, they are both good choices!
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  3. Ditto!
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  4. Rose Pourpre!! It is one of my absolute favorite Hermes colors :heart: Its the color of the Birkin in my DP :biggrin: haha
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  5. I prefer Rouge Casaque. Beautiful red/ GHW combo is simply timeless. It will be very effortless to incorporate this bag into your daily wardrobe whereas Rose Pourpre requires a bit of strategizing.

    You're 30 now. Both bags will look great on you. But Rouge Casaque will last you a lifetime. It's like a perfect shade of red lipstick.
  6. I agree with @Grande Latte. The Rose Poupre is very beautiful, but unless you wear a lot of blue based pinks and denim, it may be hard to coordinate. The Rouge would work with most everything. I would wear it with pink and orange even, but I love color! I’m not sure I would be as carefree with Rose Poupre, although it is a beautiful Hermes color!! HTH!
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  7. For a weekend bag I’d say just pick the color you love most. You can wear either your whole life, and both are bright pops of color, but one color must be making your heart truly sing.
    If you were planning on taking to work I would never recommend a pink bag for work, but for weekends it’s great (and RP is what I personally would choose).
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  8. +1:smile:
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  9. Although I’m a red lover, I have to say RP is stunning and with phw gives it a much chic and modern vibe.
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  10. I will go with Rouge Casaque. It's beautiful. Red is the new neutral too, they say. So I think it's easier to match it with things. For the RP, it is nice too but I think it's more complicated. Just my thoughts.
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  11. RC RC RC RC
    This is my favorite and most versatile bag. I carry it whenever I wear pink.
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  12. The RP is sooooo stunning !
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  13. Rose Pourpre!!! It looks more edgy and young. Rouge Casaque is more classic though.
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  14. Both are really beautiful but Rose Pourpre gets my vote!
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  15. Rouge casaque sellier in ghw is the all time classic bag. To me there’s no comparison for longevity unless you pink is your favorite color.